27 March 2013

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Bhopal Gas Case Bhopal Memorial Hospital & Research Center (BMHRC) conducted drug trials On victims

Bhopal Gas Case Bhopal Memorial Hospital & Research Center (BMHRC) conducted drug trials
On victims

Bhopal Memorial Hospital & Research Center [BMHRC] was built to provide free medical care to the Bhopal gas victims but they started testing [victims] as guinea pigs at the behest of multinational pharmaceutical corporations.

As many as 15 trials and 13 deaths in 3 trials have taken place and no action was initiated against the BMHRC doctors, management, or pharma companies

 Rachna Dhingra, who has been working with the gas victims, filed a Right to Information application.

[Laws are toothless]

The Central Information Commission (CIC) gave the notice and sought following information.

identity of the persons on whom different drugs were tested from 2000 to 2011

how much funds were received for the trials

the names of the companies which commissioned them

the names of the drugs

the number of patients involved and the number who died

the minutes of the meetings which approved the trials

Commission had instructed the BMHRC to “issue notice to any 25 patients at random on whom drugs were tried” to obtain “their consent for disclosure of their names” as per law.

But Hospital did not provide any information.

Hindu reported that the paper has received documents papers from Ms. Dhingra which shows that as on 13.08.2010 the hospital conducted at least 10 drug trials and received an amount of 1, 008, 5100.

She told to Hindu that We have proof that 15 trials were conducted and the money for the other trials are not accounted for

The Central Information Commission (CIC) has ordered the Bhopal Memorial Hospital & Research Center (BMHRC), a government body, to disclose information related to drug trials on victims of the 1984 gas tragedy to safeguard “larger public interest.”

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