27 February 2013

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IRCTC fined Rs.10 Lakh for selling soft drinks above maximum retail price MRP

IRCTC fined Rs.10 Lakh for selling soft drinks above maximum retail price MRP

IRCTC is a subsidiary of Indian Railway.

The New Delhi District Consumer Disputes Redressal Forum imposed "punitive compensation" of Rs 5 lakh each in two separate cases against IRCTC

Consumer Forum said that The IRCTC being a government corporation is not expected to be deficient in such matters and cannot come down to level of private dealers,"

The two Delhi resident complainants had alleged that a retail outlet of IRCTC had sold each of them a bottle of Maaza having MRP of Rs 12 for Rs 15.

Exparte order was passed by forum as no one attended or represented IRCTC.

The forum directed IRCTC to deposit a fine of Rs 10 lakh with the Delhi State Legal Services Authority and awarded compensation of Rs 10,000 each to the two passengers, Delhi residents Sachin Dhiman and Sharnya.

 Fine is very less it will not teach the lesson to anyone

Minimum fine in every case should be Rs.10 Lakh only then companies will start to follow the laws.

IRCTC provides services all over India 24/7 this means they sell the soft drink and give other services daily 24/7 all over India.

Only two people dared to file a case against IRCTC normally in India majority sellers charge more than MRP but no one dares to file a case against sellers.

In future if you plan to file a case in consumer court, see that you take the proper receipt of buying cold drinks from that shop, if you got the mobile phone just record the audio or record the video also.

This will make your case full proof and you may get fine of Rs.  1000 or 10,000.

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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

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रविकर February 27, 2013  

यह हुई ना बात-

MEcoy February 27, 2013  

that's cheating to their customer
and cheating is a form of stealing

R. Ramesh February 27, 2013  

very informative post as usual from u buddy..how u doing? best

Destination Infinity February 27, 2013  

I didn't know that the MRP of cool drinks is Rs. 12!! I don't drink soft drinks anymore (or i drink them rarely). I drink fruit juices, tender coconut instead.

Destination Infinity

Krishna/കൃഷ്ണ February 28, 2013  

informative post...

prices higher than market


deeps February 28, 2013  

thats good job done...

chitra February 28, 2013  

Every shop every place we dole out more for soft drinks in the name of chilled drink.

rudraprayaga March 01, 2013  

No one cares or notices such irregularities.If at all one comes to know he neglects it. Thank you for the information.