28 February 2013

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AgustaWestland Helicopter Scam JPC formed Names of JPC Members

AgustaWestland Helicopter Scam JPC formed List Names of JPC Members

Italian investigators in their report said that top executives of AgustaWestland and its parent company Finmecannia, had paid bribes worth nearly 350 crores to officials including former Air Force Chief SP Tyagi

The Rajya Sabha on Wednesday passed a motion for the formation of Joint Parliamentary Committee to probe the purchase of 12 VVIP helicopters.

The move to set up the JPC was opposed by several opposition parties.

JPC will monitor the investigations of the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI)

JPC will have 30 members, including 10 from the Rajya Sabha and 20 from the Lok Sabha.

JPC will inquire into the alleged payment of bribes in the deal and role of middlemen.

JPC will give its report within three months of its first sitting.

Below is the list of the Rajya Sabha members who will be part of the JPC:

Renuka Chowdhury - Congress Party

Birender Singh - Congress Party

Jesudasu Seelam - Congress Party

Yogendra P Trivedi - NCP

Ram Gopal Yadav - SP

Satish Chandra Misra - BSP

TK Rangarajan - CPM

Remaining three names will be filled later by the House.

Defence Minister AK Antony said that The government has rejected denials by AgustaWestland of kickbacks. "We do not believe the company's reply to the government's show-cause notice,"

What is the reason Politicians want to monitor the CBI investigation in the Helicopter Scam.

In Helicopter Scam Politicians, and Army men are involved as per reports
Thus, Supreme Court of India should monitor the investigation of Helicopter Bribery Scam.

If Politicians will monitor the CBI investigation in Helicopter Scam then no one will ever go to Jail.

In Helicopter Bribery Case after one Year, that is 365 days a preliminary enquiry was registered
That is also because honest officers of Italy exposed the bribery scam and filed cases in Italy and they even made the arrest in Italy.

Why FIR is not registered in this Case?

FIR will start the investigations
FIR will allow CBI to arrest people and start their proper investigation.

PE registering is just a formality

When someone smiles at us as a formality, PE does not give any rights to CBI.

Nothing will come out from JPC.

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Thursday, February 28, 2013

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MEcoy February 28, 2013  

another informative and nice post sm

rudraprayaga March 01, 2013  

Nice.What if JPC will or will not probe?Both amount to the same.So many hullabaloos will rise up and everything will subside as the other scams. So the bribe reapers and their accomplices very well know this and hence all these art o fill-legal money hunting.

rudraprayaga March 01, 2013  

Nice post.What if JPC probes or not,both amount to the same?They will perform all the gimmicks and exercises for blind-folding people and finally everything will subside.The bribe reapers know it very well.