12 February 2013

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Finmeccanica CEO Giuseppe Orsi arrested for alleged bribes in India for VIP Helicopters Rs.4000 Crore deal

Finmeccanica CEO Giuseppe Orsi arrested for alleged bribes in India for VIP Helicopters Rs.4000 Crore deal

Italian Media reported that Finmeccanica CEO Giuseppe Orsi has been arrested for corruption and embezzlement over a 4,000-crore helicopter deal with India.

In 2010, India bought 12 AgustaWestland helicopters

Indian Media reported that as per Indian investigation of the helicopter deal has not exposed any financial malpractices, and that the deal for the helicopters for use by VIPs, including the Prime Minister, will not be impacted by the arrest in Italy.

Reuters reported that Three brothers with family ties to a former head of the Indian air force helped to twist rules in a helicopter tender won by Italy's AgustaWestland.

Orsi hired U.S.-born Guido Ralph Haschke, who was then a consultant for the Finmeccanica group, to lead dealings in India to secure the contract.

Haschke and his partner Carlo Gerosa, prosecutors said, had close ties with the Tyagi brothers.

In 65-page warrant, Prosecutors allege that Orsi, along with the current chief executive of AgustaWestland Bruno Spagnolini, paid 400,000 euros in consultancy fees to Haschke and Gerosa. "Of this, 100,000 euros in cash were given to the Tyagi brothers,"

Part of these payments ended up with the three Indian brothers, Juli, Docsa and Sandeep Tyagi, whose cousin Sashi Tyagi was former Indian air force chief. None of the Tyagis has been accused of wrongdoing by officials in India.

The money went to the brothers to pressure Indian officials and help doctor the tender term

The tender was changed to accommodate AgustaWestland by, among other things, lowering required altitudes where the helicopters could operate to 15,000 feet from 18,000 feet, "thus allowing AgustaWestland, which otherwise would not even have been able to present an offer, to take part in the tender",

The tender terms were also changed to introduce an engine failure-flying test. This favored AgustaWestland, as its helicopters were the only ones in the tender operating with three engines

Sashi Tyagi was head of India's air force from 2004-2007

I am also sure in India Agusta Westland Helicopters or in that deal, no corruption happened.

India is a great nation and Indian Investigation teams are no.1 in world so there is no scope for anyone to do corruption in India.

Hope one day made in India helicopters will be used by the Prime Minister and all VIP politicians of India.

Made in India means 100% made in India not assembled in India using foreign engines and hardware.

Regarding this in past  I wrote  date 25 April 2012

Here is the link

India Italy Chopper Helicopter Scam Commission paid Rs.350 Crore

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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

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