14 January 2013

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Video BBC Inventions Made by Ancient Indians

Video BBC Inventions Made by Ancient Indians

Ancient India was very rich but after that ancient India was ruled by Arabs, Muslims, British, French, and Portugal.

Ancient India enjoyed the full sexual freedom, full sexual freedom was enjoyed by males and females.

Example – Kamsutra, tantra, sex schools, big education schools where outsiders came to study, big debate houses where religion was debated

Today even dress code in India is decided by politicians and organizations that are united just because of fear everyone obeys them.

Ancient India gave the full freedom of thought to each Indian that is reason in ancient India a common man dared to say that King your wife is not good.

In ancient India, I never read or heard that someone got punishment for saying something regarding politician or king or minister.

Today in India what happens one may face a jail term for a simple tweet like saying he is very rich.

We Indians do not have any freedom of speech.

Now watch the Video Inventions Made by Ancient Indians, A great India that we do not follow today.

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Monday, January 14, 2013 


MEcoy January 14, 2013  

well Indians were just a god blessed people

Destination Infinity January 14, 2013  

59 minutes is too long for (my) Internet plan. Hope I can catch this sometime in TV. Thanks for letting us know about this, SM. The British know about ancient India more than what we do!

Destination Infinity