04 January 2013

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Ten things Indian Females should do to avoid rapes and eve teasing as per Indian Politicians. Do you agree them

Ten things Indian Females should do to avoid rapes and eve teasing as per Indian Politicians.  
Do you agree them

Indian Politicians and illegal Khap Panchayats now and then make statement and guide the Indian young generation how to avoid the rape, I never heard they saying that male is responsible for the rape, cut his private part as a lesson to him

They always say that directly or indirectly female is responsible for rapes they invite the rape and males are not responsible for rape.

The above attitude is mainly responsible for the rape not the females.

Following are the guidelines given by Politicians and Khap Panchayats if they are followed by female then they will not be raped by males or will not face eve teasing.

Do not use skirt.  Ban skirt in schools.

Girls should not use mobile phone

Girls should not demand equality they should stay in limit they should stay in Maryada. Maryada means limit, this means in female is not equal to male, and she should stay inside home and consider herself a weak gender.

Females should not use jeans – Jean is responsible for rape and eve teasing

Western Countries and their culture is responsible for Rapes.

Rape happen in India and not in Bharat, in this politician want to say rapes happen in cities and not in villages.

Females who to go discos and parties do not have right to protest against rapes here again indirectly Politician says that these females break the Maryada so they do not have any right. Females only do it for publicity.

Female should not go out of the home after 6 Pm or 7 PM, if any female goes outside after Six PM or Seven PM she is inviting rape and eve teasing.

Raped female was a prostitute, in this they forget that she also got right to decide to whom sex.  Prostitute does not mean she is available for  anyone dogs and animals or any third rate human

Male is not responsible for rape, females invite them to rape them because of their behavior, dress, not staying in limit.

All the above guidelines are now and then given by Indian Politicians and illegal Khap Panchayats.

Do I agree with the above guidelines?

I do not agree with the above statements and guidelines given Politicians and others.

In Ancient India, also rape happened.

Mythological Stories -  Cheating of Ahilya by Indra
Story of God Indra and  Ahilya .
The story happens in ancient India when story starts I do not know the time period and but story ends in the Ramayana.
Ahilya is the name of wife of Gautama Rishi.
Gautama Rishi got the power to curse anyone.
Once Gautama Rishi goes to bath in the evening.
Then Indra a God who got all magical powers, using magic becomes the Gautam Rishi and  enters to home of Gautam,  Ahilya thinks that her husband is back and they do everything, which husband and wife do.
Thus, God Indra enjoys her but Gautam Rishi comes early and he punishes God Indra and his wife Ahilya.
Gautam Rishi says that  God Indra will lose his all charm and beauty and manly hood like this.
Gautam Rishi curses his wife that she will become stone and will stay as a stone until God Ram touches her stone form then she will again become the female Ahilya.
Punishing Indra was right.
Why Ahilya was punished when she did not knew  he was not her husband?
Gautam Rishi says that as a wife she should have known the touches of him and should be recognized that he is not her real husband.
It is very difficult and I am sure 99% People including Gods it is impossible to recognize fake if some has changed his face using magical powers.
In above story God Indra gets very less punishment and he gets relief from Goddess Parwati and becomes original powerful charming beautiful Indra.
But Ahilya a female who was cheated by Indra faces and gets more punishment she becomes stone and lives hundreds of Years  as a stone until the arrival of God Ram.
In this story, also you can see that female is punished without her fault.

What is the reason  1-year-old female child is raped?

What is reason 70-year-old woman is raped?

What is reason father rapes his own daughter?

What is reason brother rapes own sister?

Mythological Story Ramayana – Chapter Sita Kidnapping by Ravana
Sita was kidnaped by Ravan, Sita was a very good wife , she always stayed in Maryada and limits but then also Ravana used his magical powers and cheated Sita and Kidnaped her because he wanted to marry her but Rama Married her and thus he was humiliated and just wanted an excuse to kidnap her.

For Rape no female is responsible and her dress.

For rape inequality between male and female is responsible.

For rape considering female as a weak gender is responsible.

For rape society is responsible.

Rapist is ill person , he is sick , he is mad man or mad boy and solution is chemical castration and keeping them in Open Jail forever that is until their death.

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Friday, January 04, 2013

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रविकर January 04, 2013  

शादी कच्ची उम्र में, लाद रहे ड्रेस कोड ।
नए नए प्रतिबंध नित, नारी तन-मन गोद ।
नारी तन-मन गोद, गोद में जिनके खेले ।
कब्र रहे वे खोद, खड़े कर रहे झमेले ।
सृष्टि खड़ी भयभीत, मजे लेते प्रतिवादी ।
जहाँ तहाँ ले घेर, बनाते जबरन शादी ।।

virendra sharma January 04, 2013  

I endorse all your views except chemical castration

.Chemical castration uses drugs which are to be injected every month and is a reversible procedure ,a gap of only three months restores masculinity.

virendra sharma January 04, 2013  

Virendra Kumar Sharma4 January 2013 04:09
प्रासंगिक कटाक्ष बे -हूदा चुतियापे के प्रस्तावों पर .


Virendra Kumar Sharma4 January 2013 04:11
ये मंद बुद्धि बालक शिकारी कुत्तों की तरह जहां से भी वोट की खुशबू आती है वहीँ पहुँच जाता है .


BK Chowla, January 04, 2013  

I don't know what shoud be done,but..mind set of the male must change

MEcoy January 04, 2013  

i hope there no more women that would be hurt

Amrit January 05, 2013  

Soceity is responsible....one sentences sums it

ra January 05, 2013  

only 1 thing .. educate people .. and change their mindset!

Anonymous,  January 06, 2013  

Who's that politician saying women must be at home, he is in that position because even women voted. Maximum population in India are women. So if women is not there then is nothing. Why we must sit at home. Still in villages if a baby(female) is born then they still killing them. Hope even this Politician is one of those who kill if a female baby is born instead of a male baby... great going politician... India dont require such politicians....