19 January 2013

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Police Complaint filed against student for Facebook Joke against CM Mamta Banerjee

Police Complaint filed against student for Facebook Joke against CM Mamta Banerjee

A police complaint has been filed by the TMCP against Ramnayan Chowdhury for circulating cartoons against the chief minister.

SFI supporter Ramnayan Chowdhury, a Bidhannagar College second-year student, had "liked" and "shared" a cartoon, taking a dig on CM Mamata Banerjee on January 7.
The cartoon criticized Magmata’s industry growth agenda and the arrest of a poor farmer branded a Maoist by the CM.
It was a simple cartoon.
It was for fun.

Two days back complaint was registered in general diary of Bidhannagar North police station against a student SFI leader for a Facebook joke against chief minister Mamata Banerjee.

As per TOI, still general diary entry is yet to make it to the FIR register of Bidhannagar North police station.

Ramnayan told to TOI that he was being "targeted" because of his political background.
He did not realize that among his 109 friends, there was Trinamool Chhatra Parishad Salt Lake town president Suvakshan Dutta.

When someone will fear, he will never speak against the crimes done by the rich or powerful or politicians.

Fear necessary if someone wants to dominate and do what he wishes then it may be a wrongful acts anything.

Democracy means full freedom of speech and profession

How slaves live?

Normally slaves keep their feelings in their heart
Slaves  never speak or say what they feel.

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Saturday, January 19, 2013

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MEcoy January 19, 2013  

well a lot of people using social networks to express themselves most often nowadays