01 December 2012

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US Judge Muslim Movie to stay on Youtube refused to order removal of movie

US Judge Muslim Movie to stay on Youtube refused to order removal of movie

Few days back a 13-minute clip made a history, movie angered many muslim people in many countries, and we saw protests and burning everything.

Cindy Lee Garcia, actress who acted in that movie filed an application in the court and demanded that the movie clip should be removed from the video sharing site.

In September, lawsuit was filed in California against film producer, Youtube, and parent company Google company.

Google has refused to remove the film from YouTube, despite pressure from the White House, President Obama, the King of World, and others to take it down, though the company has blocked the trailer in Egypt, Libya and other Muslim countries.

A previous motion by Garcia for a temporary restraining order against YouTube's continued posting of the video was rejected by a Los Angeles County Superior Court judge.

U.S. District Judge Michael Fitzgerald of Santa Clara, California, also canceled a December 3 hearing he had previously set for oral arguments over Garcia's request.

She said she got copyright as she acted in movie but Judge in his a three-page ruling, the judge questioned the validity of such a claim. He held that even if she could prove a legitimate copyright interest in her film performance, she effectively relinquished her rights to producers of the film.

Freedom of Speech is most important and nothing else

No one is important and No right is important than Freedom of Speech.

No argument has power to take away Freedom of Speech

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Saturday, December 01, 2012

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MEcoy December 01, 2012  

well I hope they'll revised their decision