01 December 2012

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Photo Newly Found 4 Fish named after four Presidents Barack Obama Theodore Roosevelt, Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton, Al Gore

Photo Newly Found 4 Fish named after four Presidents Barack Obama Theodore Roosevelt, Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton, Al Gore

Colorful freshwater species of fish is known or called as Darters.
Most darters live in the creeks of northern Alabama and eastern Tennessee
Almost 200 darter species have so far been discovered, most of which live in the rivers and creeks of northern Alabama and eastern Tennessee.
Darters are known as the tiniest members belonging to the family of perch. Darters have the ability to move under, into or around the rocks as well as sediments on beds of fast-moving and clean waterways.

Darter males are known for their brilliant coloring, especially during breeding season, which helps scientists to identify them.
Some are jade green with yellow stripes; others are patterned all over with blues, reds, yellows, and hints of purple.

It gets its name from its ability to get around rocks and other obstacles on the bottom of waterways.
Biologist found five new species of fish darters in the eastern North America in river drainages and they were named after four US presidents and vice-president.

The researchers named them after four presidents and one vice-president. All but one is Democrats, like Obama.

Names of Four Presidents and One Vice President

1)    Barack Obama  - The first of the new species to be described by the researchers in a paper to be published by the Bulletin of the Alabama Museum of Natural History is the spangled darter (Etheostoma obama), the males of which are resplendent in bright orange and iridescent blue spots, stripes and checks.

Photo Barack Obama Fish 

2)    Theodore Roosevelt - Etheostoma teddyroosevelt was named after its home in the ozark highlands in Arkansas.

Photo Fish Theodore Roosevelt

3)    Jimmy Carter -  The bluegrass darter (Etheostoma jimmycarter), named after the ‘Bluegrass State’ in which it was found It was found in the Green River drainage of Kentucky and Tennessee

Photo Fish Jimmy Carter-

4)    Bill Clinton - Etheostoma Clinton - researchers named it after the unique dark grey band that runs along its body through the line of turquoise blue blotches, suggesting a string of beads.

Photo Fish Bill Clinton –

5)    Al Gore - Cumberland darter (Etheostoma gore), found in the Cumberland River drainage below the Cumberland Falls in Kentucky.

Photo Fish Al Gore –

according to Scientific American's Running Ponies blog The researchers, Steve Layman from Geosyntec Consultants in Georgia and Rick Mayden from Saint Louis University, came across the first new species in the Duck and Buffalo rivers of the Tennessee river drainage

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Saturday, December 01, 2012

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MEcoy December 01, 2012  

why the presidents? haha they seems synonymous to me

virendra sharma December 01, 2012  

Good job buddy .Thanks SM bhai for your kind comments.

Usha December 03, 2012  

That is funny, but interesting too. This Darter fish has beautiful multicolor tones. It is amazing to see how that changes in each species.
Thanks for sharing.