27 December 2012

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RIP Spiderman Peter Parker dies in 'Amazing Spider-Man' 700th finale issue

RIP Spiderman Peter Parker dies in 'Amazing Spider-Man' 700th finale issue
With great power comes great responsibility

The Spiderman Super hero loved by everyone is killed in 700th final issue.

In "Amazing Spider-Man's" 700th and final issue, Spider-Man loses a final battle with his enemy
Doctor Octopus, after that Doctor Octopus assumes Peter Parker's body, mind, and memories.

Then doctor Octopus decides to take on Spider-Man's mission for himself, a journey continued in Marvel's upcoming "Superior Spider-Man."

I do not support the killing of Spiderman Peter Parker and someone else taking on his body and mind.

I hope in coming issues they will again write and see that Mary Jane kills the doctor Octopus and brings back our real hero Spiderman Peter Parker.

The now Doc Ock-inhabited Spider-Man's adventures will continue with the debut of Superior Spider-Man in January 2013.

The story is issue number 160 of the Ultimate Spider-Man series, which debuted in 2000.

Photo Peter Dies in hands of Mary Jane

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Thursday, December 27, 2012

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MEcoy December 27, 2012  

Murderers!! haha they just killed one of the most influencial super hero

ra December 28, 2012  

Marvel Publications can never let that happen .. spider man will come in another incarnation but can never die!!!

Bikram December 28, 2012  

Good things always come to an end someday :)