27 December 2012

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Common Man Rs.4 a Day for meal and Politicians Rs. 37 Lakh an Hour

Common Man Rs.4 a Day for meal and Politicians Rs. 37 Lakh an Hour

Few days back Delhi Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit inaugurated Shree Anna Yojna.
Under the scheme, the needy families will be given Rs 600 a month to buy food for them.

I do not know May be Politicians are able to manage their homes in Rs.600 a month.

As per my knowledge and understanding, a poor family needs monthly minimum Rs. 4500 to stay alive.  Just alive without any type of fun or happiness, for a poor family getting Rs. 4500 is like winning a billion dollar lottery.

Before this Planning Commission of India said that, any Indian who spends more than Rs. 32 a day is not poor Indian citizen.

This means that if any Indian spends more than Rs. 32 he is a rich Indian.

Now when Politicians spend on themselves they spend taxpayer’s money lavishly like the Kings of India.

Yes, they are kings of India.

In October, President Pranab Mukherjee was in Belgaum to inaugurate the Suvarna Vidhana Soudha.

RTI activist Bhimappa Gadad from Mudalagi in Gokak taluk filed an application and sought information from the public works department on the expenditure incurred during the President's visit.

The government renovated the circuit house (CH) ahead of President Pranab Mukherjee's visit.

It spent over Rs 161 lakh on renovation
And around Rs 37 lakh on furnishing the room, where Mukherjee spent just an hour on October 11.

On what material, what renovation the money was spent 

Don’t you think one need to find this out?

Did they bought diamond chairs, did they bought gold and silver spoons?

On what and which type of renovation, the money was spent?

Remember Government buildings are renovated now and then when functions are held.

Above difference  clearly shows and proves that Indian Politicians are kings and we are like slaves

In Rainy Season when High court or Supreme Court gives orders, then government gives shelter to poor Indian citizens.

One American Dollar is equal to Rs. 50 to 55.
Rs. 100,000 is equal to Rs. 1 Lakh
Rs. 200,000 is Rs. 2 Lakh

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Thursday, December 27, 2012

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Renu December 27, 2012  

when will we have a sensible governance ?

MEcoy December 27, 2012  

wow i could see the huge difference

Rama Ananth December 28, 2012  

Sometimes the concerned person for whom all these renovations are done are not even bothered, for they just spend minimum time there, yet the usual chamchaas go about spending some money and and also pocketing some money in the guise of renovating.
Since people in such high posts are aware that such expenditure is incurred in their name, I think they should warn those people before itself not to spend the public money in such manner, and if despite of warnings if they have done it, they should be punished, only such strict actions will deter these people from going overboard.

Usha December 29, 2012  

161 Lakh for Presidents one hour visit to Belgaum? Where is common sense of politicians? Do they even know how farmers around Belgaum work hard and live? They could have used the same money for the benefit of infrastructure improvement of villages around Belgaum...No questioning for politicians...sad situation.