05 December 2012

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Reasons Effects International Olympic Committee (IOC) suspending the Indian Olympic Association

Reasons Effects International Olympic Committee (IOC) suspending the Indian Olympic Association

IOC = International Olympic Committee
IOA = Indian Olympic Association
Recently The IOC had threatened to suspend Kuwait's Olympic committee, but the Kuwait amended its sports law last week in a bid to avoid any sanction.

What are the reasons International Olympic Committee (IOC) banned or suspended the Indian Olympic Association?
IOC has not suddenly banned or suspended the IOA.
IOC gave many warnings before this 

IOC President Jacques Rogge told to media that Indian Olympic Association is not entitled to hold any elections without express prior approval of the IOC.

The IOA is faced with outside interference in applying its election rules, which threatens the IOA's autonomy and the holding of free and fair elections in conformity with the IOA statutes and the Olympic Charter.

The IOA has been unable to observe its own statutes and the Olympic Charter and to enforce the basic principles of ethics and good governance

The IOC had repeatedly told the IOA to adhere to its own constitution and the Olympic Charter and not follow the government's sports code for this week's elections.
The IOC will not recognize the results if the elections are held under government rules.

IOC suspended India's national Olympic committee because of government interference in its election process.

Indian Olympic Association failed to comply with the IOC demands for holding independent elections.

Nothing is wrong in Independent elections.

For me Indian Election Process is faulty, as it cannot stop tainted or people who are accused of crimes getting elected.

Thus, IOC is right in doing this.
It’s very good move by IOC.

What will be the effects of Suspension?

Suspension means the Indian body will stop receiving IOC funding

IOA officials will be banned from attending Olympic meetings and events.

India's athletes will be barred from competing in Olympic events under their national flag

Indian athletes will not be allowed to take part in international events - Olympics  in 2016 and Asian Games  in 2014

IOC may allow them to compete under the Olympic flag.

India loses rights to host or even bid for staging of any Olympic or Olympic-related event.

Nothing is going to change, I hope IOC will remain firm on their stand and not bow before the politicians.

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Wednesday, December 05, 2012

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MEcoy December 05, 2012  

sounds trouble i hope this is for just a while