05 December 2012

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Read IOC Suspension Letter to IOA Indian Olympic Association

Read IOC Suspension Letter to IOA Indian Olympic Association

Prof. Vijay Kumar Malhotra
Acting President
Raja Randhir Singh
Secretary General
Indian Olympic Association
Lausanne, 4 December 2012

Suspension of the Indian Olympic Association

Dear Prof. Malhotra,
Dear Mr. Singh,

Today, the IOC Executive Board has carefully examined the situation of the Indian Olympic
Association  (IOA)  and,  in  particular,  the  latest  developments,  including  the  recent  letters
received from Prof. Malhotra in his capacity as Acting President of the IOA.

The IOC Executive Board noted in particular that:

(i)  The IOA is faced with outside interference in applying its election rules, which
threatens  the  IOA’s  autonomy  and  the  holding  of  free  and  fair  elections  in
conformity with the IOA statutes and the Olympic Charter; and
(ii)  The IOA has been unable to observe its own statutes and the Olympic Charter
and to enforce the basic principles of ethics and good governance.

The IOC Executive Board also noted that the IOC, in close coordination with the Olympic
Council of Asia (OCA), has made every possible effort for more than two years to assist in
the amicable resolution of these issues.  However, the IOC’s position has not been taken
into  consideration  seriously  and  responsibly  by  the  IOA  and  the  relevant  Government
authorities in India.

As a consequence, the IOC Executive Board took the following decision:

To suspend the Indian Olympic Association with immediate effect pursuant to Rules
27.9  and  59.1.4  of  the  Olympic  Charter  until  the  Indian  Olympic  Association  is  in  a
position  to  satisfy  all  the  conditions  set  out  in  the  Olympic  Charter  and  the  IOC’s
requirements, in particular:

(i)  to guarantee its full autonomy;
(ii)  to ensure free and fair elections in conformity with its own statutes and the
Olympic Charter; and
(iii) to implement all basic principles of ethics and good governance in its daily

The  IOC  Executive  Board  decides  that,  with  this  suspension,  the  Indian  Olympic
Association  is  no  longer  entitled  to  exercise  any  activity  or  right  conferred  upon  it
by the Olympic Charter or the IOC. In particular, the IOC will withhold any financial
assistance to the Indian Olympic Association.

The  IOC  Executive  Board  states  that  the  Indian  Olympic  Association  is  not  entitled
to hold any elections without express prior approval of the IOC.

The  IOC  Executive  Board  reserves  the  right  to  take  further  measure
action  with  regard  to  the  participation  of  Indian  athletes  in  international  Olympic related events.

The IOC very much regret forced the IOC to take, despite to avoid such an outcome.

Yours sincerely,

Jacques Rogge

IOC President

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Wednesday, December 05, 2012

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Kirtivasan Ganesan December 05, 2012  

It is a shame and hope that things are sorted out. For the sake of sports. But then we do not have any other managing method. But politics and money.

MEcoy December 06, 2012  

i hope thing will be fine soon