15 December 2012

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Hunting photos of Maharashtra minister of state for school education, Fauzia Khan

Hunting photos of Maharashtra minister of state for school education, Fauzia Khan

Earlier this year Fauzia Khan and her family visited South Africa.

Now recently pictures of a minister dressed in a camouflage suit standing before propped up dead wild animals in a jungle holding a rifle and smiling become public.

After uproar from media now Fauzia Khan told that she did not kill any of the animals — a springbok, zebra, kudu, blue wildebeest and impala — she was found posing with in the pictures.

As the controversy broke out, Umlilo Safaris, the company which had arranged the trip, removed all images of Khan and her family from its website.

NCP leader Fauzia Khan said, “I did not hunt any wild animals. I just posed with the animals hunted by professional hunters there. It was a family vacation and we took pictures casually,”

Umlilo Safaris, a hunting resort is a 45-minute drive from Port Elizabeth Airport has 30 animal species on offer between March and October and encourages novice and experienced trophy hunters to enjoy a proper walk-and-stalk style hunts.

The website’s picture gallery of 2012 hunts also has photographs of Khan’s family members with dead animals in the ‘trophy animals’ section. Khan’s husband, Tahseen Ahmed, is a retired state forest official.

 Hunting Photo 1 Fauzia Khan

Hunting Photo 2 Fauzia Khan with zebra

Hunting Photo 3 Fauzia Khan

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Question –

Hunting animals is illegal in India.

What will happen if same photos with Common Man were uploaded on site?

Reality views by sm –

Saturday, December 15, 2012

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Soham Khanna December 15, 2012  

Its shame for India and also for us as we can see that a person at such a position is doing acts of devil.

The worst part is that she is defending the wrong doing and saying its legal in South Africa.

I love these animals and our family also love them (after killing and eating them) says the minister.

Someone should kill them as they have done.

Its tit for tat.

MEcoy December 16, 2012  

thats cruel:( I never liked that hunting thing

Anonymous,  December 16, 2012  

I don't know why for everything we have a problem and a view point. Yes it is legal in south Africa.yes it is illegal in India. But does that mean you stop going to the world and stop taking pictures if they are available for posing. We want the minister to resign. For what? For posing. Its a pity.

Janie December 17, 2012  

I know people who go on hunting trips to Africa and proudly show off the photos with dead animals. I think it's sad and cruel. I would love to go on a photo safari, but all without causing harm to any form of life.