24 November 2012

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FB Post IG Report Wrongful Arrest what will be Punishment for Police

FB Post IG Report Wrongful Arrest what will be Punishment for Police

Few days back something happened in India,
Everyone under pressure and understanding the consequences of any wrong word was praising and praising and was trying to say Just good things about BAL Thackeray

But one young innocent girl did which every journalist and bloggers were avoiding it, as they knew what will happen in democratic India if they open their mouth and exercise their freedom of speech.
In heart many were fearful and did not express freely their opinions

Every writer tried his best not to offend, use any wrong word against BAL Thackeray.

But two girls, one Shaheen Dhada posted or commented opposing the shutdown in Mumbai and other one her friend liked her view and thinking
And she shared her thought.

After this Shiv Sena filed a complaint, girl’s relative’s hospital was damaged,
And police arrested two girls for their innocent thinking
The two girls were arrested under sections 505(2) (statements creating or promoting enmity, hatred or ill will between classes) a and 66 A of the IT act.

Fearing for their safety, the girls apologized for the post and   Shaheen deactivated her account saying that she feared for her family's safety.

After this people realized and many educated people started to write in support of girls.

Justice Markandey Katju, Chairman, Press Council of India wrote letter to Chief Minister of Maharashtra regarding this case.

On twitter, Newsweek International editor Tunku Varadarajan wrote: “OK, I say what no mainstream Indian journalist has had the balls/cojones/tattey to say: GOOD RIDDANCE THACKERAY. India’s now a better place”.

After that, Senior Police officer was ordered to investigate the case.

The Inspector General Konkan Range on Friday submitted his investigation report into the arrest of two Thane girls.
Report says that the arrest of the girls by the police was unjustified.

The probe report also recommended action against the police officials involved in the arrest of the girls.
It said that there must be departmental action against the policemen for arresting them

The 150-page report will now be sent to the state government, which will take necessary action on the basis of it.

While all this was going on NDTV, team found a video
Video shows that how a senior police officer is trying to appease the Shiv Sena men and promising action even after the girls apologized.

Be rest assured that action will be taken.
An unfortunate incident has taken place.
Please don't give in to incitement.
I am with you in your sentiments.
Please understand me,"
Their family members are here and they are ready to give a written apology. But that doesn't mean we will not register a case.
I will also give you'll a copy of the apology
the video shows Superintendent of Police Ramdas Shinde as saying

Now here comes most important questions?

Do you think in similar case if accused is a politician what will happen?

Now IG report says give punishment?

What Punishment you think Police officer will get who arrested wrongfully

Suspension for few months and later Promotion in Job with highly paying location?

What punishment You think is perfect for Police officers?

What about the pain, emotional stress, mental harassment suffered by girls and her parents?

Do you think for emotional stress and mental harassment state government should Pay 10 Million Rupees to each girl and a written apology

A good Punishment is one, which deters others

Suspension is not a punishment and fine of 1 month salary is not also punishment

A good Punishment is one which is given speedily and deters the wrong doers and others that

See what happens if you will do wrongful arrest

If any police man dares to talk against politician what punishment you think he will get and how fast he will get punishment

This again proves that   in India we do not have equality of law.
Rich and Politicians get different treatment
And Common Indian citizens get different treatment

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Saturday, November 24, 2012

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Renu November 24, 2012  

This was totally preposterous, I hope people take notice and protest against this..those girls were harassed unnecessarily..

BK Chowla, November 24, 2012  


MEcoy November 24, 2012  

well i just hope nobody will try to stop implementing rules

deeps November 24, 2012  

cant we guess that?