13 November 2012

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Dr. Madhav Chavan Wins Wise Prize Award $500,000 Nobel Prize of Education

Dr. Madhav Chavan Wins Wise Prize Award $500,000 Nobel Prize of Education

Dr. Madhav Chavan began his social activism helping uneducated slum-dwellers in Mumbai in the late 1980s, when he returned to India after studying in the United States.

Madhav Chavan has provided an education for millions of impoverished families in India.

Dr. Madhav Chavan has won this year’s biggest awards in international education that is WISE Prize, which has been likened to a "Nobel prize for education".

The award, announced on Tuesday at the WISE summit in Qatar, recognizes his education work in the slums of Mumbai.

The international award, which comes with a prize of $500,000 (£314,000), recognizes Dr. Chavan's efforts to provide lessons in literacy and numeracy for disadvantaged children and adults in India.

The award is decided by an international jury, including
the US Librarian of Congress,
Dr. James Billington; the president of Peking University,
Prof Zhou Qifeng; former UN high commissioner,
Mary Robinson
and the chairman of WISE, Dr. Abdulla bin Ali Al-Thani

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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

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Destination Infinity November 13, 2012  

It's good to know that someone from India has won this prize. I hope more people follow in his footsteps.

Destination Infinity

MEcoy November 14, 2012  

wow thats a great news for India