20 October 2012

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RTI IOA spent Rs.4 Crore on officials at London Olympics 2012

RTI IOA spent Rs.4 Crore on officials at London Olympics 2012

Indian schools do not have funds for the sports activities and play grounds.

Majority Sports organizations do not have funds except Cricket in India.

Indian Olympic Association spent more than Rs 4 crore during the London Olympics 2012.

Harish Kumar, who is the president of the Taekwondo Federation of India (TFI), filed an application using right to information act, RTI a law to which all-Indian politicians fear and want to curb and destroy RTI law on the name of privacy.

When he got the reply, Harish Kumar he forwarded the reply to others.

According to IOA's reply to Kumar's right to information application,

Reply contains following

Only CP Singh Deo, an executive member of the IOA and former president of Rowing Association of India, reimbursed Rs 1 lakh for the accommodation provided to him.

Pocket allowances and other expenditure for the Games were to the tune of Rs 1.03 crore.

It included close to Rs 40 lakh as pocket allowances to athletes and officials of the contingent.

The 142-member contingent had 81 athletes.

The international body, International Olympic Committee (IOC), gave IOA Rs 7 crore from between 2008-09 to 2011-12, primarily for the development of sports.

IOA remitted Rs 86.67 lakh towards entry tickets for sports ministry and Sports Authority of India officials as well as the public.

Rs 61.69 lakh was spent on accommodation of IOA delegates and ministry officials and Rs 12 lakh on gift items.

IOA also spent Rs 1.28 lakh on dearness allowance for its acting president and Rs 37 lakh on the ceremonial kit.

The amount includes Rs 4 lakh on boarding and lodging of four officials who did not get accommodation in the Games Village

Rs 15 lakh on 10 tickets for the opening ceremony and an event related to the athletes' family and friends.

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Saturday, October 20, 2012

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Arti October 20, 2012  

At least we have some medals to show for it!! Nice post as usual sm.

deeps October 20, 2012  

as long as there is no scam involved, all is fair..