17 October 2012

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Rahul Gandhi Vadra got land below market price in Haryana Evade Stamp Duty

Rahul Gandhi Vadra got land below market price in Haryana Evade Stamp Duty

The former Haryana CM  told in press conference that  if a fair and deeper probe would be conducted then it would come out that Congress chief Sonia Gandhi's kin own thousands of acres of land in five districts Gurgaon, Palwal, Faridabad, Jhajjar and Mewat.

INLD chief and former Haryana chief minister Om Parkash Chautala told to media that Congress general secretary Rahul Gandhi and Vadra were hand in glove in purchasing the chunks of land in Haryana much below the market price and wrongly mentioning collector rate below the actual rate fixed by the government to evade stamp duty.

Chautala told that while getting registered the sale deeds in their names in district Palwal of Haryana the collector rate was mentioned 1.5 lakhs while actually it was Rs 8 lakhs per acre actual collector rate fixed by the government

According to the sale deed Rahul purchased 51 kanaal 13 marla (around 6.5 acres) land in village Mauja Hassanpur, Tehsil Hodal, district Faridabad (now district Palwal) from one H L Pahwa, resident of DLF Gurgaon, on March 3, 2008 in Rs 26.47 lakhs and collector rate has been mentioned as 1.5 lakhs per acre.

However, Chautala said that at that time, the market price was around Rs 30-35 lakhs and even collector rate was Rs six lakhs.

Chautala said that  by under stating the collector rate Rahul even evaded stamp duty.

Chautala alleged that Vadra even purchased land from dalits, which they were allotted in 1981 after Consolidation and law provided that this land could be transferred only to a dalit.

Vadra's companies purchased around 30 acres from Dalit families which was legally wrong as the land allotted to Dalits after land consolidation in 1981 could be transferred only to a Dalit,

He said that in the same village Vadra's companies purchased total around 74-acre land. Out of total eight land deals in year 2008 and 2009 in the village in seven cases land price was shown to be paid at Rs two lakhs or even less, Chautala said while the collector rate was Rs eight lakhs per acre.

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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

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BK Chowla, October 19, 2012  

On expected lines..they will term it as politically motivated

Tanaka November 11, 2012  

@ BK Chowla, thanks.