19 October 2012

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IAC Kejriwal Appoints 3 member Lokpal to probe Prashant Bhushan, Anjali Damania, and Mayank Gandhi

IAC Kejriwal Appoints 3 member Lokpal to probe Prashant Bhushan, Anjali Damania, and Mayank Gandhi

IAC's Prashant Bhushan has been accused of irregularities in a real estate deal in Himachal Pradesh

Mayank Gandhi accused of having links with builders

Anjali Damania questioned in her land deals in Maharashtra.

Arvind Kejriwal of India against Corruption (IAC) has announced an “Internal Lokpal” to deal with the allegations on Anjali Damania, as promised at the time of announcement of forming the party of anti-corruption activists.

If she is found guilty, she will be expelled from the party, Kejriwal assured.

The trial, headed by three retired judges with impeccable records, will go on for three months.

In the meantime, anybody can send whatever evidence s/he has to the Internal Lokpal.

Some allegations have been raised against various members of IAC since it launched a fight against corruption.

The group has repeatedly requested the government to set up an independent inquiry to investigate into the matter and give it any punishment prescribed by law if found guilty.

Unfortunately, the government has been more interested in mudslinging than setting up an independent probe.

Therefore, IAC has formed an independent ombudsmen consisting of three retired judges enjoying a reputation of high integrity and independence to inquire into any charges made against key members of IAC.

They are:
Justice AP Shah, former Chief Justice of Delhi High Court

Justice BH Marlapalle, retired judge - Bombay High Court

Justice Jaspal Singh, retired judge - Delhi High Court

The aforementioned ombudsmen have been requested to examine, in depth, the allegations and material evidence against the implicated IAC members, their defense and give a report on whether the allegations hold and make a case of any illegal act on the part of the accused. If any member is found guilty of any illegal activity, he would be expected to resign from the proposed party.

Currently some allegations have been made against Anjali Damania, Prashant Bhushan, and Mayank Gandhi.

We are referring these cases to these ombudsmen.

The ombudsmen have been requested to expeditiously inquire into these charges and give their report within the next three months.

Gandhi and Damania told to media that we are ready to face any probe. If the probe finds us guilty, we will quit,"

Damania told to media that I am legally a farmer and have documents to prove it,"
I have not done any `benami' transactions," she said, referring to questions about her land deals.

IAC has  appointed Lokpal to probe party members now let us hope Sonia Gandhi and BJP leadership will appoint 3 judge panel to  investigate the corruption charges leveled against their party members and leaders.

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Friday, October 19, 2012

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Rama Ananth October 19, 2012  

I only hope the Arvind Khejriwal and his team do not overestimate their probing powers and end up with more mess than they can handle. Like all leaders they should always watch what they speak and what they reveal for their own good, otherwise all their hard work would go waste, and people would soon lose interest with them and their strategy.

chitra October 19, 2012  

Was just watching this programme on Tv