19 October 2012

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Explained Quid Pro Quo Meaning Origin with Political Story

Explained Quid Pro Quo Meaning Origin with Political Story

What is the meaning of Quid Pro Quo?

Origin – Latin
First Known Use: 1582

Quid Pro Quo is a Latin expression that means an equal exchange. Similar to give and take.

Quid Pro Quo in simple language we can say that   Favor for favor

Quid Pro Quo is something given in return for an item of equivalent value

It means One good turn deserves another.

It means 'you scratch my back and I'll scratch yours'.

This has been in the language since at least 1654, as here in H. L'Estrange's The Reign of King Charles:    "One good turn deserves another."

Quid Pro Quo – Legal Concept
Quid Pro quo is used in legal language.
A contract is said to be binding if it is quid pro quo, i.e. if it involves an exchange of goods or services for something of comparable value, usually money.

Quid Pro Quo is also used to describe corrupt practices involving politicians and their misdeeds which favor rich at the cost of  common citizens of country.

In legal usage, quid pro quo indicates that an item or a service has been traded in return for something of value, usually when the propriety or equity of the transaction is in question.

For example, under the common law, a binding contract must involve consideration: that is, the exchange of something of value for something else of economic value.

In the United States, if the exchange appears excessively one sided, courts in some jurisdictions may question whether a quid pro quo did actually exist and the contract may be void by law.

Similarly, political donors are legally entitled to support candidates that hold positions with which the donors agree, or which will benefit the donors.

Such conduct becomes bribery only when there is an identifiable exchange between the contribution and official acts, previous or subsequent, and the term quid pro quo denotes such an exchange.

The term may also be used to describe blackmail, where a person offers to refrain from some harmful conduct in return for valuable consideration.

The 'turn' link with 'quid pro quo' was played on by the scriptwriters of the 1991 thriller movie 'The Silence of the Lambs', starring Jodie Foster and Anthony Hopkins as Clarice Starling and Dr. Hannibal Lecter:

Political Stories  Explaining - Quid Pro Quo

Story 1

Coal Mine =  Government  sells the Coalmines at very low prices as good as free of cost to the Company,  After that company pays donation to the political party ,  gives job to the sons of politicians.

Story 2

Land Scam – Give the land to private builders to build hill stations very cheaply as good as free cost,  after that  Company who got the land gives the 20%  to the kids of Politicians, when project is near complete Politicians kids sell the shares and make money.

Story 3

I will keep silence – Opposition party says to king, I know your son has committed crimes ,  so give me the ownership of  100 acre land otherwise I will shout and tell everyone about you and your misdeeds,
If you give me 100 acre land I will keep quiet and no one will ask and dare to talk about your misdeeds.

Story 4 –

Saving Each other –

Your son is criminal I can save you,  My father is criminal whom you can save , so lets work together  I will save your son and you save my father

Story 5

Vote and Support

I need your vote and support to rule the nation, you are criminal , we got the proofs ,  we will not send you  Jail and in favor you keep supporting our government

Story 6

My daughter in law is standing for elections last time  she lost the elections because  of your candidate,  this time see that  my daughter in law wins elections  and I will see that your son gets the government contracts.

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