07 October 2012

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How Why Kargil War Hero Veer Chakra Winner Jai Ram became Wanted by Police

How Why Kargil War Hero Veer Chakra Winner Jai Ram became Wanted by Police

Dabla Village

Jawan Jai Ram was awarded with the medal of the Vir Chakra  for service to the nation as a jawan of the Rajputana Rifles in the Kargil War

Jai Ram is resident of village Dabla where he is the Hero of the village.

Why He is not Indian Hero , But any ways Today He has become Indian Hero.

Hero is one about whom we know it ,  Ask about film stars and criminals whole of India will say Yes we know him

But for real heroes we rarely know them

But today Jai Ram is a  wanted man with six police cases against him, accusing him of violence, and damaging public property.

31  August 2012 , Jai Ram resigned from Army .

He has a wife and two young children, and an old mother to support.

Dabla village was suffering every day because of the  mining mafia.
Dabla village is near Haryana border, is rich in gravel stones.
The nearest mines are just a five minutes’ walk away.

Because of the mine blast  in villagers and their huts both suffer.
Many huts had cracked walls.

In violation of all licenses and laws, the mines had encroached so far into the village

The mining mafia also carved out a road in the middle of the village's pasture. Heavy trucks began passing through.
 The health and safety of villagers and their cattle was being jeopardized.

When Jai Ram saw this, he decided to help the villagers.

Jai Ram began his campaign to protect his village in April 2011 with a massive dharna.

On April 19, he reorganized villagers for a sit-in protest.

The police forcibly lifted the sit-in by villagers including women.

The women regrouped the next day with another dharna.

The police forcibly detained 20 women for agitating.

From May 21, the police began filing cases against Dabla villagers for protesting against mining.

Under the Leadership of Jai Ram villagers filed a case in court and last month the Rajasthan High Court made Dabla's pastureland and the road within off-limits to mining companies. It also ordered the Rajasthan Pollution Control board to monitor the blasting and mining operations in the village, which were disturbing people and damaging their homes.

Jai Ram told to NDTV that Today there is no war on our border. I defended my Nation then so now it's my duty to fight the enemy within, to fight against corruption, and to help the common man in my village,"

So far six cases have been filed against Jai Ram alone.

He has been charged with shearing electricity lines and beating up the workers in nearby mines.

This is not a Bollywood movie story , this is a reality of India

Where Vir Chakra Winner is  today wanted by Police

Reality views by sm

Sunday, October 07, 2012

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Shaw October 07, 2012  

sounds like an interesting man

DWei October 07, 2012  

Yeah, I'm not seeing any good reason for wanting to live in India anytime soon.

Dave King October 07, 2012  

A hero many times over. Good to have these things brought out into the open.

Rama Ananth October 07, 2012  

Our leaders would do anything to save their skins,it is indeed shameless. No amount of protest is making any dent in their illegal activities, in fact with each new scams coming out, they are strongly staying put in their respective positions.
They bring back accused leaders like Kalmadi and Raja, and the the opposition ls also fully drenched in corruption, and thus we have 1 dirty fellow pointing fingers at another dirty fellow.
At this rate there seems to be no light at the end of the tunnel.
Thanks for the information.

Jerly October 07, 2012  

sad state of affairs indeed

Destination Infinity October 08, 2012  

He is made up of the stuff that only real hero's are made. It's good to see some citizens agitating against much larger groups that are openly breaking laws and has police support. Just hope that more such people in India will come forward to fight for their own rights...

Destination Infinity

Renu October 08, 2012  

I totally agree with DI..we need more people like him and more people to support him.

deeps October 08, 2012  

thats another story that perhpas happens only in India

Bikram October 08, 2012  

but does anyone CARE... NO


Rakesh Kumar October 08, 2012  

Your reality views are astonishing and inspiring.
You have narrated the whole story in a very simple
and interesting manner.

Usha October 12, 2012  

Why Jai Ram is wanted by police? This is so unfair treatment for true hero who is fighting for the enemy within our country.Sad that politicians are not asking to withdraw all cases against Jai Ram.
Thanks for covering Jai Ram's story.