05 September 2012

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US - NYC to pay 15000$ to nude model for her false arrest for nude modeling

US - NYC to pay 15000$ to nude model for her false arrest for nude modeling

Zoe West, busted for stripping down during a body-painting exhibition in Times Square last year has won a settlement in her false-arrest lawsuit.

Zoe west was arrested following an Aug. 30, 2011, “full-body” painting exhibition at the Crossroads of World.

After her arrest west filed a lawsuit in Manhattan Federal court.
It said that after having nearly every inch of her 5-foot-2 frame covered in color, West doffed her G-string for the final strokes. But just as artist Andy Golub was finishing, cops arrived and a “visibly unnerved” Sgt. Anthony Fusaro told West he had to “bring her in,”

She was hauled off to a police van wearing nothing but a pair of metal handcuffs.

At the Midtown South precinct house, several cops “gawked at her” for 15 minutes before she was allowed to dress and was patted down by a female cop, the suit says.

She was released without charges two hours later.

The civil-rights lawyer said cops never should have arrested West because “public nudity is legal in New York City

Just 2 hours detention and now she has won her law suit and she will be given 15000$
1 US Dollar = Indian Rs. 50 to 52 more or less keeps changing

15000 multiply into 50 = 750000 Indian Rupees.

In this case, what happened Police arrested wrongfully and now she will be paid compensated for the wrongful arrest or false arrest.

Suppose same thing happens in India what will happen?  that is wrongful or false arrest what will happen?

Ans is  majority times nothing happens and innocent male and female leaves the city or keeps silence.

How much money one will get for wrongful detention?

Arrested girl will commit suicide or leave the city or she will receive what will happen in India?

Just think?

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Wednesday, September 05, 2012

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virendra sharma September 05, 2012  

Good coverage ,good commentary about India.

MEcoy September 05, 2012  

i remember this girl group here in the philippines who wore sexy outfits on public were banned fro the city haha