30 September 2012

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21 Reforms required to Speed up the Indian Justice System

21 Reforms required to Speed up the Indian Justice System

Everyone in India knows that justice means wait for 10 or 20 or 25 years in India.

I believe in Justice Delayed is Justice Denied thus for me no Indian gets justice.

Following are the 21 suggested reforms to make Indian justice system speedy

Say Bye bye to type writers

If residence of Politician can get 24 hour electricity why not judicial building.
Compulsory 24 hours electricity supply to each judicial building that is Court

Give laptops and free internet to each judge and all court employess

It should be compulsory for lawyers to use computers and give only computer printed applications , No handwritten applications even if handwritten application is given in emergency then also it should be compulsory for lawyer to submit later on computer printout within 48 hours excluding holidays.

Use of Computer webcam to check the presence of  accused person who is in Jail

Use of computer webcam and big screen to record and take evidence from accused persons

Strict laws regarding application for next date , many times what happens is that   lawyer argues case in one court and his junior gives application  in other court that  lawyer is sick , he be given next date ,

Increase in Number of Judges

First Information Report – Fir is hand written, now suggested reform is Fir should be written using computer and even complainant should be able to write his FIR using internet, this will help complaint or plaintiff to write his FIR properly from home or from police station.

Strict implementation of arrest warrant – once a non-bailable warrant is issued by the Court whatever may happen the accused should be arrested by police and should be presented before court until that period no entertaining of any application from the lawyer who represents the accused against whose name NBW that is nonbailable warrant is issued.

All the police station should be on camera 24 hours so citizens can see what is happening in Police Station  including the detention cell so if witness says anything in police station he will say same thing before judge  now what happens  witness goes to police station says something later on when he appears before court because of fear or money he says he never said that

All the jails should be on camera 24 hours so citizens can see what is  happening in Jail,  criminals are enjoying in jail or they are suffering punishment, what is the use of Jail if in jail criminals enjoy women, liquor , drugs and mobile phone etc.

Giving importance to scientific evidence compulsory DNA should be taken by police if DNA is in question otherwise what happens 10 Years are just wasted to get the permission to check DNA from Court.

Judges should work  in 3 batches of 8 hours thus 24 hours , round the clock the justice given procedure will be on

Compulsory use of forensic science by Police Department example  Aarushi Murder Case

In some cases Police department needs the permission of government before filing case, this also delays the cases so the reform is required that no permission from any politician , whatever may be the case even if against Prime Minister of India, it should be presented before  Court of law, if judge deems fit he may issue summons against Prime Minister of India

Strict Punishment for filing false case purposefully

Strict Punishment Death punishment for filing false affidavit in court

Divorce Cases – If husband and wife both parties want divorce and judge finds that there is no force  or fear behind any party same day divorce should be granted even if they married  1 day before.

Death Punishment Capital Punishment  procedure in India is faulty and wrong 100%   to repair the capital punishment procedure law is required that  it should be made compulsory for President to say Yes or No within 30 days of mercy petition , if President does not reply automatically it should be presumed that  President said Yes for capital punishment. Today all criminals know that what ever may be my crime I will never get death punishment , death punishment will stay forever on the paper.

Use of Cloud Computing thus any court, any Judge  in India can access any book or any evidence or file of any case whenever he wishes

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Sunday, September 30, 2012

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