14 August 2012

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New York Asians Gift Cultural of Spitting Paan on grounds and sidewalks to New York Queens Jackson Heights

New York Asians Gift Cultural of Spitting Paan on grounds and sidewalks to New York Queens Jackson Heights

In India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal its common culture and habit to eat the Paan and spit the remains on roads or any available space exception is own home and second habit related to this is that if some says why did you spit on the road each one will blame to others.

A New York Times article On Jackson Heights’ Sidewalks, a Treat’s Messy Aftermath, reported that how the residents of a New York neighborhood are losing their sleep over the paan stained sidewalks.

How to find Paan Shops in New York without any technology?

It is very easy to find paan shops. The paan stores are easy to find in Jackson Heights. Just look for red gobs of spit on the sidewalk on 37th Street.

Stores on 37th Avenue sell the Gutka and Paan Masala.

Just like home country the people chew the paan and spit on the sidewalks

It looks like blood spots but actually it’s not blood its red colored paan which uneducated people spit on the sidewalks and grounds.

Paan Price = 1 Dollar

What is Paan?
A sweet mixture of lime paste, cardamom, fennel, honey, areca nut, flavored tobacco, all wrapped in a betel leaf.
This mixture is chewed, and after few minutes one starts to spit on the road. Making every corner red and dirty.

Paan eating is very bad habit, it causes oral cancer and makes city dirty.

In India, it is very common habit to spit the paan on corners, on steps or sidewalks anywhere

Therefore, to keep the stairs and steps clean Indian Apartment owners and housing societies do the one trick.

The stickers depicting Gods, Goddess or Marbles Depicting Photos of God are painted or fitted on the walls.

Image of the God stops them spitting on that particular spot but uneducated and uncivilized paan chewers find other place to spit.

Watch Best Scenes of Lage Raho Munna bhai
Paan Spitting starts at the 1.40 Minutes  you will know what is Paan Spiting.

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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

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MEcoy August 14, 2012  

haha interesting sweeties i must say haha

DWei August 14, 2012  

Yep, that stuff is going to be banned soon.

I'd like to see these people try and do this in Singapore. Oh the fines that they'd get...

Shaw August 14, 2012  

that's a pretty creative solution

Usha August 17, 2012  

This is quite disappointing news to read,I can't believe Indians are continuing their desh style bad habits in America.

I am also surprised because generally littering is fined heavily here, Why they did not post simple notice telling spitting paan will be fined. If one has to pay 1000$ for one time spitting then instantly bad habit will get curbed.

NY NJ culture is reaching here, now pan is available in few Indian stores. Also in each Indian store a corner is secured with all tobacco,pan masala, gutka products. Few years back they sold bidi too. Many Americans use to enjoy bidi.

sm, Nice addition of Munnabhai scene. :)