13 August 2012

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Baba Ramdev detained by Delhi Police No Right to go to Parliament peacefully

Baba Ramdev detained by Delhi Police No Right to go to Parliament peacefully

5 Days ago Baba Ramdev started his agitation.

Today Baba Ramdev told his supporters and honest Indians To start the next the phase of agitation.

Baba Ramdev asks his supporters to raise three slogans:
Remove Congress

bring back black money

end corruption

Ramdev demanded permission for a peaceful march towards Parliament.

Media reported that police did not give him and his supporters to march towards parliament.

Ramdev told to Citizens of India that
"The Government is deaf, blind, and insensitive. It is in coma, it will die, we don't want anybody to die. But they are inviting death. Congress hatao, desh bachao."

Ramdev told that more than 20,000 of his supporters are stopped outside Delhi. They are not allowed to enter.

He said to his supporters not to fight with police.

Media has reported that
The Delhi police have imposed Section 144 of the CrPc relating to unlawful assembly.
This means the moment the Ramdev supporters cross a bridge just ahead of the Ramlila grounds, they can be arrested.

The moment they cross the Ranjit Singh flyover/bridge, section 144 comes into effect and they will be taken into preventive custody.

Media reported that they would be arrested and taken to the Rajiv Gandhi stadium, which will be a makeshift jail.

At 1.15 Ramdev, baba and his supporters started March towards Parliament.
1:40 pm: Baba Ramdev's supporters have been taken into preventive custody

1:45 pm:  Baba Ramdev's march to Parliament has been stopped by the Delhi Police.

1:55 pm:
Delhi police took Baba Ramdev into preventive custody for violating Section-144 near the Ranjit Singh flyover, during his march to Parliament.

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Monday, August 13, 2012

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Bikram August 13, 2012  

well soon he will be announcing of making a political party tooo


deeps August 13, 2012  

what this man is up to now?>

Unknown August 13, 2012  

Hi ,


Know the shocking truth, behind this sham award!

Are we Hindus / SC-ST, Muslims, Sikhs , Christians first— and then Indians last? Is there any patriotism left?

We Indians are heading towards slavery again.

Capt ajit vadakayil

aativas August 13, 2012  

Fast is symbolic, march to parliament is symbolic and arrest too is symbolic. That seems to be the trend presently!

MEcoy August 14, 2012  

theres really a lot been going on there nowadays