15 August 2012

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Know 20 Differences between Indian Democracy and American Democracy

Know 20 Differences between Indian Democracy and American Democracy

Once UK a small nation having braved heart and intelligent citizens ruled the world by capturing the opportunities.

Once UK controlled India as well as America, Todays Great nation no.1 nation.

Following are the general 20 differences between American Democracy and Indian Democracy

I read following joke after that i got inspired to write above article.

Joke -  In American Democracy one can happily kiss in the Public and it is crime to pee in the public place.
In Indian Democracy Its crime to kiss in the Public and it is legal to pee happily in public place

US got two political parties, powerful political parties. In case of India we have no strong political party there never existed an opposition party in India I do not count exceptions here.

American citizens defeated racism system, which was there. America is not divided on basis of language, caste, sub- caste, religion, sub-religion. Indian caste system is nothing but Racism.

In US state politics and federal Politics is different Federal means Central Government. In India, there is no separation between State and Central Government. In USA Citizens, vote accordingly but in India its same political topic for Central as well as state politics. Indian Citizens do not understand what Democracy is.

American citizens take active part in politics, but we Indian citizens are afraid to even write a letter to any Politician. E.g., few years back in India one honest Engineer Dube wrote a letter to Indian PM about corruption but later he got murdered his identity was not protected. Majority Indians fear politicians, government, and live life like a slave.

In USA Executive and Legislative Branches are clearly divided and they work independently. But in India Executive and Legislative, branches are not divided and they work in unity for the benefit of each other and not the nation. Thus, US Citizens became the Kings and Indian citizens live like slaves.

USA and India both were controlled and Ruled by the British.  USA got the Independence by Revolution. India got the independence after passing of the law in the UK.

When England Controlled USA, after independence USA changed every law made by the British, as that law was made for the benefit of government of UK and to keep American citizens slaves of the government.  In India after Independence, nothing was changed white king passed the law and handed over his chair to Indian kings.

After getting freedom, USA changed all the government branches but in India, nothing was changed only King got Change, white left giving his chair to other Indian.

In USA government works as Agent of the citizens but in India Indian citizens work as the agent of Government. Indian politicians order and Citizens obey it without opposing it.

In USA Executive is independent but India here Executive takes orders from the politician, if politician visits his office he stands up to salute him like his boss has arrived.

Indian citizens choose the master by voting, they obey that master like slaves, American citizens choose the servant for their country who works for the country and remains servant he never becomes king like Indian politicians.

When India was ruled by the British, they were politicians and controlled the government and made money,  so the formula that time was that  Government for the British benefits, Servants and Executive and Judiciary for the British Politicians benefits , Everything for the benefits of British Politicians so they will become rich and Indians will become poor, after British left nothing was change  only word  British got replaced by the word Indian, for the benefit of Indian politicians the government should work.

In American democracy there is transparency , corporations pay the money to political parties and want to get the laws passed which will benefit their business. In India there is no such transparency, this give rise to creation of Black Money.

Lower House is congress Upper house is senate in US/ In India Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha

USA President Term is 4 Year – India Prime Minister term is 5 Years.

In USA President is real president of USA , In India MPs choose the person as a Prime Minister who will obey him, in other term high command or remote control selects a PM and who obeys them.

USA got the recall provision India has no such provision.

American politicians see the welfare of USA and Indian politician see the welfare of political and rich class.

USA – First Amendment gave everything to American citizens India – First Amendment took everything from the Indian citizens.

Indian Democracy is a family business and Political parties are political business houses or corporations, American Democracy is not run like family business.

I read following joke after that i got inspired to write above article.

Joke - In American Democracy, one can happily kiss in the Public and it is crime to pee in the public place.
In Indian Democracy Its, crime to kiss in the Public and it is legal to pee happily in public place

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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

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MEcoy August 16, 2012  

us really got great governance

DWei August 16, 2012  

I'll stick with the Canadian system thanks.

deeps August 16, 2012  

i guess such comparison game do us no good

Shaw August 16, 2012  

Man, things seem rough in India...

Kirtivasan Ganesan August 16, 2012  

From what you wrote, it seems everything is so professional in US; and personal in India.
A good writeup with feeling and points.

Bikram August 16, 2012  

but does anyone care what happenes in India


Destination Infinity August 16, 2012  

I really wonder if things are so rosy in the US. But I do agree that the governance is better and corruption might be lesser. But people who want to control politics for personal benefits exist on both sides. Only the way in which they do it might be different.

I wonder how companies are allowed to give money to politicians officially to enact any law they want? How can a democracy allow this directly? But I'll have to know more about this, before commenting further.

Destination Infinity

Funny Pets August 21, 2012  

I studied government in college and found this post very interesting. It is always nice to hear someones opinion with a firsthand perspective. After reading this I feel you have a great amount of respect for the system of government in America. And while there are indeed many countries with far worst systems, ours can definitely improve in many areas.

Anonymous,  January 23, 2013  

just funny way of establishing differences amid truth

raja May 17, 2013  

full true truth

raja May 17, 2013  

india is corrupted as hell

Anonymous,  August 04, 2013  

India is not like usa.India is not just form by the group of people from various countries,who are imediately ready to give their culture and traditions.Indian government have the responsibility to respect all the traditions and cultures prevailed in india.Our government dont give the licence to gun to kill the people.

Democratic Difference betwen USA & India October 18, 2013  

Thank you Thank you for Explanation distinctive ASIO already very cool site where many of the topics unique and exclusive . I hope the owner of this site more success ..I will continue to visit this site continuously .This site offers a large interest in the field of USA Other

Anonymous,  November 15, 2013  

HI all, we all know that Indian constitution is actually a copy of the Britishers'. Though it was obvious that, there will be a lot of certain differences between US, UK and our constitution, but unfortunately it didn't happen in that way at all. FInally the whole administrative system became a mess eventually. I mean to say We should have found a complete different democratic system of our own which would suit us most. Even, we had already a lot of such great thinkers and great personalities throughout the nation for making such new policies. Perhaps some of them thought also. The people who hate India and love USA, they should once think about finding out a new way and how can we get out of it. If at least 30 % of Indian citizen can think seriously someday, there must come a time when things will change in the right way. And finally, do love others' things, but please don't hate your own.

Anonymous,  December 10, 2013  

But if no changes happens in rule after independence
What ambedkar did.pls explain me

SM December 11, 2013  

Read government of India act 1935

Anonymous,  January 09, 2014  

Sounds like u need a green card from the us government and a plot to live there. Well, best of luck. Punks like U easily lured by the packaging.
Want to know the big difference between INDIA and usa. India have respect for every society and culture the world through at it, but usa has no respect for others what so ever.
I wonder how a us politician can manage a single day controlling the vast diversity in Indian population. No matter how corrupt they are, Indian politicians are doing it. If u have any better way, blog about it, you moron.

Sukhadeo April 08, 2014  

indian people need to try American democracy I beleave it will success .thanks .

SM April 08, 2014  


thanks i think you need to learn more about American history and how vast and diverse is US population

Anonymous,  June 09, 2014  

Indians foight for independence and got it. govt of India act 1935 was a move by the crown of England to create a imagery of Indians governing themselves. However people didn't support it and in 1947 India got independence. Btw acts similar to 1935 was passed in 1929 and 1925 too.

Anonymous,  June 09, 2014  

And there are many political parties because it's linguistically and culturally very diverse. Every single religion of the world is present. But everyone is free to do anything. Casteism was based on work carried out by people it people were of 4 categories and its long been abolished its a crime to ask someones caste now. And the parliament is different from the congress. Its a first past the post system not single plurality it says any group with more than 272 seats can form the govt. And mohalla sabbas are held in each distric which is basically MPs getting the consent of their constituency's people.

Anonymous,  June 09, 2014  

And India got its independence just 65 years ago. Its on the move. It shows democratic values that so diverse a nation can survive. Its those countries that haven't made the UN democratic yet and took away billions not willing to repay that are undemocratic. Anti-corruption lokpal has come and corruption has decreased as of 2013's report India is at 94 while USA is at 112 in the list of most corrupt countries. This article is written as a hate article please get facts right. Yeah India is not the best but its not the worst. Atleast we don't question a president or prime minister of his skin colour. A tea seller can work hard and become the PM its not limited to the rich. Everyone has equal opportunities and any one of any caste can do anything under the law. And anti-corruption drive is on, politicians the bad ones of course are in jail.

No offence. May USA prosper actually may the globe prosper.

Anonymous,  June 09, 2014  

Lots of facts are wrong mate I suggest you to relook at them. The victorious party elects its leader as PM and the PM selects his cabinet and after that only CBI can probe them. They present bills in the parliament which has to be approved. It doesn't need a lesson in democracy. Those who practise undemocratic habits at the UN, IMF need a lesson. The richest of nations have taken loans from the WB and haven't bothered to pay back. And for the matter of family-clans there us only one and in US too you had President George Bush Sr and President George Bush Jr. We do t question anyone over their skin colour, religion.Every single religion of the world is practised. Even a tea seller worked hard got educated, and became the PM its not limited to the rich class. Both countries are different and can't be compared.

And india foot its independence just 65 years ago and its on the move. Criminal politicians are in jail.

No offence. I'm not an America hater. May the globe prosper.

Anonymous,  July 25, 2014  

I agree on some of the things you have u have written above,but it seems like u have got a few things wrong.There are flaws and problems in every democracy.India being the largest democracy in the world will obviously face some of the worst ones like corruption,caste and religion differences,etc. ,but m sure things are improving,for eg.people uniting on the delhi rape case to make sure the rapists get the punishment they deserve is one of the things indicating that people care.As a result,victims are raising their voices now n the rapists are being punished all over India.

No offence to you but the Indians are NOT SLAVES to the govt.I am assuming you are an Indian n m sure u do not consider urself to be a slave to the govt.A fact contributing to this statement is your writing this article.M sure u want your voice to be heard.Riots,strikes etc. against the govt. are a also a few things which counters your statement of Indians being slaves to the govt.

I m not saying that Indian democracy is better than american or vice versa,all i m saying is India is improving,if not the govt. the people are.Change in a democracy is always slow but the change makes a huge difference,either for the worse of for the better.India still needs to make a hell lot of efforts to catch up with America and m sure one day it will. People are changing and it means the govt. is changing too,after all democracy is by the people,for the people and of the people.

Saravanan,  July 07, 2015  

1. American system defeated Racism ???? Big Joke !!!!
2. America have good amount of natural resources and India don't have enough Natural resources for the population
3. Climate and rivers favour Agriculture in USA. Effect of Climate change is very high in India.
4. Over Population is the only evil in India!! Most of the International moves by USA are evil!!

I can add another 25...

SM July 08, 2015  

American system defeated Racism???? Big Joke!!!!
Tell me the name of the Indian Prime Minister who was born as Shudra.
Today also in India we indirectly follow the caste system that is racism System of India.
Try to find out how many upper caste boys in India are ready to marry the girls from Harijan Families that is from the lower caste families.

America have good amount of natural resources and India don't have enough Natural resources for the population-
India is also blessed by the nature
But we Indians do not care for nature
What is the condition of river Ganga?

Climate and rivers favor Agriculture in USA. Effect of Climate change is very high in India.
Who is polluting India?
We Indians are responsible for the dirty India.

Over Population is the only evil in India Most of the International moves by USA are evil
Over population is one of the evil in India Just like any other country India is also full of evils
Few examples – child marriage, reservation based on caste system, violation of human rights everywhere

I can add another 25
I challenge you add the 25 and i will answer them, publish them, counter them or accept them.
I will request you please read the books written by Dr. Baba Saheb Ambedkar

SM July 08, 2015  

Thank you for your comments

Please read the Indian History carefully and you will understand
About Indian laws and Government of India act 1935
I wrote the legal history of India please read that.

Government of India carries the survey based on the caste system
We have to write our name of caste on many government papers.
Sorry everyone is not free to do anything.
From Food to clothes everything is decided and controlled by Indian Government.
It is not Lokpal, we got Jokepal
Just now we Indian citizens have started to fight for the Lokpal.

For slaves – his master decides what slave can eat and what slave can wear and what slave can do
When master comes one has to give him way, one has to stand up
This is what in India happens.

Anonymous,  October 26, 2015  

Democracy is meant for the country not for a person.... This is what I understood from this comparison.

uday Kumar August 16, 2016  

You should Love India....Because You Born in India

Anonymous,  January 11, 2017  

"USA and India both were controlled and Ruled by the British. USA got the Independence by Revolution. India got the independence after passing of the law in the UK." What were our freedom fighters doing? What was Azad Hind Sena doing? Making Laws in England?

Charvi,  April 21, 2017  

India is still developing. Things are gradually changing and defeating such unwanted issues like corruption. I think it was not needed to make this comment so much like a statement.
Thank you.

Unknown March 01, 2018  

Poor writing, and suggesting that American Democracy is flawless, which is bullsh*t. Slavery was legal according to the earlier draft of the Constitution, they have amended it since their civil war