03 August 2012

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First Draft for the Team Anna Political Party JanLokpal Party of India

First Draft for the Team Anna Political Party JanLokpal Party of India

Now Team Anna has decided to form a political party and they have asked what people want.

Today in India, no political party has written constitution every party got its own boss or remote control or high command as per his own wishes the party runs.

Such parties got leaders on state level, city level and village level they behave just like local high command until they keep winning the elections; their party high command completely ignores the bad deeds of the local high command.

What we expect from the Team Anna Political party?

The reforms which Team Anna wants to bring in, they should bring those reforms in their own political party.

Today in India there is no law which applies to political parties thus Team Anna needs to first a make a political parties governance bill and Team Anna political party should start to follow that  law and when they will win the elections that political parties governance bill will get convert into a  law just like Jan Lokpal law.

In India we got law for the Religious Place to  Banking , a law which governance them but there is no law which governace the political parties in India thus Team Anna needs to start from this , making a political party governance bill and using it in their own political party.

How Team Anna Political Party should work and operate?

The party should have a constitution which will define everything and which will mention about the reforms and laws, which Team Anna party aims to bring.

Political Party should declare following things

How party chief will be selected, Procedure to select the party chief after every 5 years.

Candidate should  get selected using  full power of internet and mobile phone sms voting

Minimum education requirement for candidate

No candidate will be allowed to contest elections if  charge sheet is filed against him in the court of law and he faces corruption or rape charges , like this it should be clearly mentioned that   if any candidate is facing the  xyz charges he will not be allowed to contest elections , he will not be given an election ticket

Retirement age for the member, they can work as a party member but they will not join the government after age of 65 or 70. Once Party introduces the retirement age , then in future party will be able to pass such a law which will not allow any Indian citizen becoming president or prime minister of India after age 65 or 70.

Passing Jan Lokpal Bill

Passing the  Right to Reject law

Passing of  Right to Recall law

Police Reforms

Law giving CBI independence

Giving more powers to Right to information officers

transparency  and  accountability  in  funding of political party of Team Anna

Inner Party Democracy in Team Anna Political party

This is just beginning first Team Anna have to fix and decide a Name of the political party and a slogan and music.

Suggested Name - Jan Lokpal Party of India

Who will be first Party Head?

Arvind Kejriwal or Kiran Bedi or General V.K. Singh

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Friday, August 03, 2012

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MEcoy August 04, 2012  

finally the true deserving ones made up their own

Kirtivasan Ganesan August 04, 2012  

Anna team has not been able to achieve even a little bit significant in all these months.
It is a bit too much to expect they will do wonders by becoming political party.
They must demand inclusion in important committees.

ra August 04, 2012  

all the best to anna ji !

Pradeep August 06, 2012  

Your observations and suggestions are very good. YEs, Of Course, Political alternative for Indian Citizen is the need of the hour. We need good people to come to Parliament and make India shine. Initially, It is going to be very very difficult for Team Anna, as political culture and politics in India is played with money and muscle power. However, I feel it is in a right direction.