19 July 2012

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Politicians Vote to elect President of India Votes Count and Result on Sunday

Politicians Vote to elect President of India Votes Count and Result on Sunday

On Thursday, Indian Politicians including 31% accused criminal politicians voted to elect a new President.

Polling to choose the 13th president started simultaneously at the national and state capitals.

Names of Candidate –
United Progressive Alliance (UPA) candidate Pranab Mukherjee

BJP backed Ex NCP PA Sangma

The Communist Party of India, Telugu Desam Party (TDP) and Telangana Rashtriya Samiti (TRS) have said their MPs and legislators will abstain from voting.

Suggested Reform - For politicians it should be compulsory to vote in each election and it should be crime if any politician elected MP or MLA does not vote in any election.

When the Votes will be counted and result of Presidential election will be declared?

The votes will be counted on Sunday, three days before President Pratibha Patil's five-year tenure ends.
On Sunday evening, probably result will be declared.

Who will win and become President of India?

United Progressive Alliance (UPA) candidate Pranab Mukherjee will win the election and become President of India.

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Thursday, July 19, 2012

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virendra sharma July 19, 2012  

Good sm good write up .

MEcoy July 19, 2012  

i hope who ever wins the election is for the betterment of the whole nation

sundersartwork July 19, 2012  

I know in Australia it is illegal not to vote, even if you live abroad and have citizenship in other countries you must vote or the fines start increasing. Well all elections are a mixed bag, who is owning the public servants?, that is the question to ask and vote accordingly.