19 July 2012

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Magazine Time vs. Outlook PM Manmohan Singh vs. President Barack Obama Under achiever

Magazine Time vs. Outlook PM Manmohan Singh vs. President Barack Obama Under achiever

Few days back International magazine Time published a photo of Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, calling him under achiever.

Yes, we know that PM is mute watcher of misdeeds of his cabinet ministers.

Now our own Indian Magazine Outlook has wrote an article on USA President Barack Obama and on its magazine cover published a photo of
US President Obama.

 I have not read the outlook article so I cannot comment on the article.

However, President Obama got terrorist killed, he is planning intelligently to control the rising power of China..
President Obama we can call him he is good President for  America.

A good Prime Minister or President is one who thinks about his own nation first.

Below is the photo of Outlook Magazine Showing President Barack Obama and Time Magazine showing Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh.

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Thursday, July 19, 2012

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lina@happy family July 19, 2012  

It's my first time to see this.

DAILYES July 19, 2012  

Cool post!
Following you!

sundersartwork July 19, 2012  

Time magazine has always been a rapidly diminishing coin. And is borderline right wing, just like most media you have to look who owns the thing, and what their interest is.That informs the stories they publish.
While i do not agree with a lot of Obama's policies, a lot of the things he wanted to push through are blocked by a right wing house. Instead of blaming him, the American public need to excercise some personal responsibility and vote out the corrupt.

MEcoy July 19, 2012  

him well i guess thats their sworn duties thats why hmm the only one that had loved all was god i think

Usha July 19, 2012  

Outlook magazine calling Obama as underachiever sounds stupid and immature, Why they have to present in the same manner like Time magazine published PM.Manmohan singh as underachiever?

They both can not be compared. Obama is Great leader and there have been lot of positive changes in America's broken economy. I wish our president and politicians gets few qualities of Obama.

Ponvendhan July 20, 2012  

Is there any cold war going on between those two (leaders, or magazines or countries)?.

Honestly both are great leaders to keep forever. Medias should stop this kind of stupidity.

Destination Infinity July 20, 2012  

I wonder if these two articles have been influenced by external factors?

Destination Infinity