04 July 2012

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France makes it compulsory to carry breathalyzer kit in vehicles or pay fines

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France makes it compulsory to carry breathalyzer kit in vehicles or pay fines

The drink-driving limit in France is 50mg of alcohol in 100ml of blood - 30mg less than the UK limit.

France government has made it compulsory for drivers to carry a breathalyzer kit in their vehicles or risk an on-the-spot fine.
Foreign drivers are included in the new rule

Fine = after 1 November will face a fine of 11 euros if driver is found without the breathalyzer kit.

What is the reason to pass law or enforce such law?
To bring down the number of road deaths caused by alcohol in France.

Government think that as breathalyzer kit will be with the drivers then they will check themselves and if see that they are drunk over limit then they will not drive which will reduce the accidents.

Currently in France there are only two manufactures who provide the kits, thus we can say they got the monopoly.

law will just increase the profits of kit makers.

BBC reported that currently kits are available in two types
1.    expensive electronic ones which can be reused;
2.    cheap chemical ones

French Police told to BBC that they plan to carry out random checks on those entering the country through the Channel Tunnel, as well as drivers arriving on ferries.

I do not think kits will reduce the accidents in France.
Only to avoid fine of euro 11 drivers will purchase the cheap kit and keep it in a car forever without using it.

Only solution is taxing more and more to alcoholic drinks.
In addition, increasing punishment for drunken car driving.

Government needs to declare that drunken driving accident that kills a human or animal will be treated as a murder not accident.

The person who does not understand that drinking more will result in a accident will never stop the car and use the kit to check his own alcohol limit.

Do you think the person under intoxication will realize and remember that he needs to stop and check?

Drunkard knows he is over limit so why he will care to check?

What will be next step of Government of France?

The next I think government will increase the fine 1000 times if found over limit.

Second change will be expiry date of kit, Kit will be valid only for a week or 14 days  then every week drivers will be force to buy the new kits.

Just Indian Style corruption.

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Wednesday, July 04, 2012


P.N. Subramanian July 04, 2012  

I also agree. Keeping a kit may not help in the reduction of road accidents.

Renu July 04, 2012  

Instead they must suspend the driving licence of offender for 6 months.

Ash July 05, 2012  

leaving the responsibility to an intoxicated person wont really work... fines need to be made prohibitive.

Unknown September 04, 2012  

I'm not sure what other states do, but here, it is not grounds for a DUI conviction. It's a seperate charge itself and the penalty is loss of license for 3 months. Thank you.

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