03 July 2012

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10 Facts regarding Electricity in India

10 Facts regarding Electricity and India

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Electricity theft is a common problem in India but rarely we hear the news that xyz Indian citizen was arrested for electricity theft.

Do you remember your father or grandfather paid bribe to get electricity in your home?

Media has reported in past that, 30% to 70% electricity is unaccounted for each year

 — that is to say, stolen which causes loss to Indian citizens.

Politicians as well as Indian citizens are not interested in Solar Energy 

may be we will buy solar energy from another country as import give a chance for commission which may be called as  bribe as one needs to sign a contract, one needs to get permission from government officials and politicians  thus lots of scope for everyone for corruption or commission.

I never heard that Chief Minister or Prime Minister or Cabinet Minister is having electricity problem in his big home for us its common everyday problem.

Big cities like Capital of India Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, and Bangalore all face the long power cuts. Majority villages get power supply only for 2 or 3 hours a day this is same story with small towns and  small cities

Forty per cent of the country [India] does not get electricity at all.

About six lakh villages do not have any network to receive electricity.

The distribution infrastructure  is not perfect is full of problems so we can say there is no distribution infrastructure at all if there is one its age old.

2 or 4 years back I remember reading somewhere this, According to the Planning Commission of India, 600 million people or roughly half the population is off the electric grid.

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Tuesday, July 03, 2012

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Anonymous,  July 04, 2012  

interesting post...

thanks mitesh for sharing

Destination Infinity July 04, 2012  

I guess it's time for us to become self reliant on energy. Or privatize electricity generation and distribution. It's quite obvious that the Govt. is not able to handle the demand.

Destination Infinity

ra July 04, 2012  

interesting but a sad picture !