02 June 2012

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How to Verify or know the information about any registered company in India

How to Verify or know get  the complete  information about any registered company in India

The Ministry of Company Affairs, Government of India, provides all Public information of all registered companies online on its website.

Using the website you will get the following information about the registered  company.

1.    CIN       :
2.Company Name    
3.ROC Code    
4.Registration Number      Company Category    
5.    Company Subcategory    
6.Class of Company      :  Public    Private
7.    Authorized Capital(in Rs.)    
8.Paid up capital(in Rs.)    
9.Number of Members(Applicable only in case of company without Share Capital)    
10.Date of Incorporation      : CALENDAR(dd/mm/yyyy)
11.Address 1    
12.Address 2    
17.Email Id    
18.Whether listed or not      :  Listed    Unlisted
19.Date of Last AGM      :  CALENDAR(dd/mm/yyyy)
20.Date of Balance sheet      :  CALENDAR(dd/mm/yyyy)
21.Company Status (for eFiling)

But how you will verify the information, the information is available on government site
Master data includes all the above information.

Know step by step how you will check the company information.
First visit the site –


Once you open the site.
On left hand side  you will see  option
Quick links.
Below that on no.4 you will see view company master data and  index of charges.
Now you have to click on the
View company master data and  index of charges.
After clicking on the link
new page will open again
on the left hand side you will see
company master data quick links.
Now click on the option =  view company master data.

Next step – Now another  webpage will open. 

It will ask you  company name or  cin or FCRN number.

If you do not know  CIN or FCRN number just type the name of the company  Example. 

Tata then there is option to search  click on the search
Search will open the pop up window and it will show all the company names which start with Tata , just click on any of the company name or one company name about which you want the information.

Now I will select one company and then click on the select.
Once you click on the select then automatically name of the company and cin or fcrn number will get pasted then  you have to click on the submit button.
Now I am going to click on the submit button.
After clicking on the submit button  new web page opened which give us all the information regarding the company.

Another option is you can directly go to the final page by clicking on the below link


then just type the company and search and choose company and click select and then click submit and you are done you will get complete details of the company.

In this above post only for the demonstration purpose i have used the company name Tata as  Tata is the no.1 company in the India.

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Saturday, June 02, 2012

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Kirtivasan Ganesan June 02, 2012  

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Jim June 02, 2012  

What a great website to snoop on companies

Anonymous,  July 26, 2012