18 June 2012

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Adarsh Scam CBI has no jurisdiction Maharashtra Govt says to High Court

Adarsh Scam  CBI has no jurisdiction Maharashtra Govt says to High Court

Everyone knows that CBI is investigating the Adarsh Scam.

Now Maharashtra government told to Bombay High Court bench that
CBI did not have the jurisdiction to probe the Adarsh Scam as neither the state government nor the High Court had handed over the investigation to it.

CBI has not filed Charge sheet in the Adarsh Scam.
April 30 – CBI told to High Court that Charge sheet will be filed on June 15, but now again CBI told to High Court that charge sheet will be filed in next 10 days.

Advocate for the Adarsh Scam society also said the same that CBI has no jurisdiction to try the case.

If CBI does not have jurisdiction then CBI will never file the charge sheet
No Charge sheet means no crime no one is accused  or crime never happened.

Don’t you think that  it’s magical accused and complainant or plaintiff and defendant singing same tune and singing same music.

On next hearing if CBI also sings the same tune then it will be like
Sone pay Suhaga.

Sone pay Suhaga is in Hindi in English we can say this
icing on the cake" which means a second great thing happens in addition to the first.

Next date of the case is July 4

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Monday, June 18, 2012

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Renu June 19, 2012  

Andher nagari chaupat raja..