15 May 2012

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Income Tax Raid on Chiranjeevi's daughter, Sushmita found 35 boxes 35 Crore Rupees in cash

Income Tax Raid on Chiranjeevi's daughter, Sushmita found 35 boxes 35 Crore Rupees in cash

35 crores in cash were found at the Chennai residence of actor-politician Chiranjeevi's daughter, Sushmita.

Sushmita is married to Vishnu Prasad, who along with his father, Shiv Prasad, owns a large real estate business

The investigation Directorate of the Income Tax department, Chennai carried out search and seizure operations at Chennai on Friday.
The search resulted in the unearthing of cash of Rs.35 Crores that was found kept in a bedroom in a house at Chennai.

The cash was found nearly packed in 35 Carton boxes with each containing Rs.1 Crore in denominations of Rs.500 and Rs.1000.

In all the total cash seizure was Rs.35.66 Crores.
Besides the cash, promissory notes worth Rs.4Crores were also seized.
The total seizure of assets was Rs.39.66 Crores.
The search also resulted in the seizure of several incriminating documents.
The searches initiated on Friday afternoon were concluded on Saturday evening.

Now what punishment will be given?

As law is weak and useless people dare to create black money.

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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

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Michael May 15, 2012  

Can't avoid the tax collectors! Wonder what the punishment will be.

lina@happy family May 15, 2012  

I don't know whether income tax raid -to the rich- is already performed here, in Indonesia.

Destination Infinity May 15, 2012  

What you say is right - We should ban 500 rupees and 1000 rupees currency notes.

Destination Infinity

chitra May 15, 2012  

Haven't even seen 1 crore. Here we are hearing about tonnes of money.

chitra May 15, 2012  

Why people need so much money?

sm May 16, 2012  

no punishment case will go on for 10 or 30 years or pay a small fine and enjoy your unaccounted money.

Baur May 16, 2012  

Wow that is a ton!

Jim May 16, 2012  

She deserves to get raided, everyone has to do their part in paying taxes.

Amrit May 16, 2012  

She will get away with it...rich always find a way out

Renu May 16, 2012  

its pathetic to see people accumulating money through wrong means...

Anonymous,  May 16, 2012  

Thanks for sharing

Content Hedgehog May 16, 2012  

Is that a lot? I'm not an expert on crores. And by that I mean I know nothing about them, lol.

SM May 23, 2012  


yes its lot