17 April 2012

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Which Indian Chief Minister is using Solar Power for his residence?

Which Indian Chief Minister is using Solar Power for his residence?

Answer = Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar

It was decided to light up Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar’s
official residence 1 Anne Marg with solar energy and Rs 4.5 Crore was sanctioned for the purpose by the state cabinet, his native village Kalyanbigha in Nalanda district will witness a demonstration of low-cost solar pumpset on Thursday.

If you know any other chief minister or if you are not from India but from other country and your President or PM is using solar power mention it in the comments

Let’s hope other chief ministers as well as Prime Minister of India will follow him and see that a law gets passed will make it compulsory use of solar energy for all the elected politicians.

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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

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Steve April 17, 2012  

Solar power is wildly inefficient monetarily here in the US. If you install solar panels on a small home the RoI is something like 30 years. and they're pretty unsightly to most people. Wish we had more money being put into developing better more efficient solar power/clean energy instead of finding the newest celebrity to buy into but alas, fame and fortune trump the furthering of mankind. Good to know some folks in your country are trying.

Jim April 18, 2012  

More homes should have some sort of solar power, great way to shave off electricity bills.

Green Striped Shirt April 18, 2012  

Good read! Interesting facts.

Baur April 18, 2012  

Hm interesting! I would use solar power!

रविकर April 18, 2012  

वाह बिहारी बाबू ।
बढ़िया इनफोर्मेसन ।।

Sensible Vegetarian April 18, 2012  

Very interesting post and interesting blog. Keep up the good work.

Destination Infinity April 18, 2012  

Excellent initiative from a statesman. It is something to preach, and something else to follow what you preach. I appreciate the efforts taken by Bihar's chief minister.

But 4.5 crores for such a small project? I think the biggest problem for implementing solar energy is its cost. The government should come forward and give credits for individuals using solar energy and other renewable sources of energy. It is happening in certain countries and we could also implement the same. With the kind of power shortage we are facing, it is required, actually.

Destination Infinity

Anonymous,  April 19, 2012  

Thanks for the info :)

Green Striped Shirt April 22, 2012  

Yup, the rich in India are very very rich.