01 April 2012

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UP Rs.32 Crore Ayurveda scam SC issued notice to Balram Yadav

UP Rs.32 Crore Ayurveda scam SC issued notice to Balram Yadav

In which year scam happened?

1993 – 1994

Justice delayed justice denied

On Friday
The Supreme Court served a notice to UP panchayati raj minister Balram Yadav for his alleged involvement in the Rs 32-crore Ayurveda scam.

That time Balram Yadav was the health minister in Mulayam Singh Yadav government had allegedly forced the officers of the state Ayurveda and Unani department to release inflated funds.

But the honest officers refused.

But as he was Minister and in India Ministers and Politicians are above the law

In August 1996 the health department had registered a case in police stain in Lucknow.
In that case it was alleged that department paid more than the actual rate of medicine.

For example –

liquid paraffin was bought at Rs 110 per bottle whereas the market rate was Rs 18 around that time

The Lucknow Bench of the Allahabad High Court had handed over the case to the CBI.

After that CBI had chargesheeted Yadav and then secretary, medical education, R. K. Sharma.

Now here you can see that how our Indian laws are useless, toothless.

Both accused got discharged what is the reason for discharge,
Lack of prosecution sanction.

Now do you see that Politicians are above the law and India has no democracy, in Democracy everyone is equal but in India as per money the treatment changes from religious places to jail if you are rich you will get royal treatment.

After that CBI moved to the Supreme Court of India.

But again now he is in power and what is the next story in this case.

Date after date without any results

For Corruption demand death punishment or 1000 Years of Jail without bail and pardon

Reality views by sm

Sunday, April 01, 2012

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