28 April 2012

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Twitter Defamation Indian journalist R Nadeswaran fined Rs.86 Lakh By Malaysian Court

Twitter Defamation Indian journalist R Nadeswaran fined Rs.86 Lakh
By Malaysian Court

Kuala Lumpur

Last year in January Salim filed a defamation suit alleging that Nadeswaran had defamed him in a tweet on July 2010, implying that he concealed his heritage.

In another tweet he said that he was a land thief and that he was involved in illegal land deals.

A Malaysian court has ordered a senior ethnic Indian journalist R Nadeswaran known as Citizen Nades", to pay about Rs. 86 lakh in damages
 to Mohamad Salim Fateh.
Din RM 300,000 in general damages and RM 200,000 in aggravated damages.

Judge Amelia Tee Hong Geok granted a total of RM 500,000 (about 86 Lakh rupees) in damages to Salim and granted an injunction to stop Nadeswaran from repeating the defamatory tweets.

Always be careful when you tweet something about someone

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Saturday, April 28, 2012

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Treat and Trick April 28, 2012  

Serves him right! Be wary to what you want to say!

cookingvarieties April 28, 2012  

hi sm, journalists must not overdo certain issues to a point of defaming another party. In malaysia, defamation suit carries a very heavy fine.
They will always ask the person to make a public apology first. If the person refused, only then he will be sued. The journalist was given a fair chance to apologize earlier... Have a nice day

wizardOZZ April 28, 2012  

he got his chance

Unknown April 28, 2012  

We should always be very careful in using Twitter and social media.

Miami Design April 28, 2012  

I hate social media- part of the Capitalist spectacle!!!!!!1

Teddi April 28, 2012  

once the words are out there on twitter, are they out there forever?

Destination Infinity April 28, 2012  

I guess the same might apply to blogging also in future?

Destination Infinity

SM April 28, 2012  

@Destination Infinity

Blogging also comes under this now also.
Blogging,facebook, twitter everything comes under defamation.

Jim April 28, 2012  

Good job revealing that on the web, he should've thought about it before he decided to tweet it.

The Offender April 28, 2012  

Twitter is getting to the point of doing more harm than good.

Aulawi Ahmad April 29, 2012  

nice info bro, tq 4 share :)

deeps April 29, 2012  

hope to see such news more often (if they are genuine)

DWei April 30, 2012  

Someone is certainly sensitive about a certain topic isn't he. :|

Baur April 30, 2012  

Hm thats one of the issues with social networking

Kirtivasan Ganesan April 30, 2012  

If money is paid by Nadeswaran to Salim, it is an insult to Salim. Is money a compensation to defamation?
Maybe Malaysia is different and is like US.

Content Hedgehog April 30, 2012  

Haha, yeah, Tweets can get you in trouble alright...

Anonymous,  June 20, 2012  

Right. Be careful with twitter