30 April 2012

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Rajya Sabha Low Attendance of Celebrities Will Sachin Tendulkar join that league and make a record

Rajya Sabha Low Attendance of Celebrities Will Sachin Tendulkar join that league and make a record  

Upper House is a place where one has to obey the orders of Lok Sabha members , that is lower house members.

Lower house political parties nominate the Very Rich People , film stars , famous people now cricketers also for Upper House that is Rajya Sabha.

But when one tries to find the attendance and performance of these famous people except  film actress Shabana Azami every one fails and gets zero marks for the performance in the Upper House.

Lata Mangeshkar who was the Rajya Sabha MP from November 22, 1999 to November 21, 2005 had attended only six out of over 170 sittings 2000-01.

Filmmaker Mrinal Sen had more or less similar records when he had attended 30 out of 170 sittings of Upper House during the same period

During same period Shabana Azami attended 130 sittings.

Hema Malini who was nominated to the House as MP in August, 2003 had attended only 50 out of 127 sittings during 2004-05

Film Actor Dara Singh  attended 76 sittings during the same period.

Now Record maker Sachin Tendulkar is going to join the above famous people.

Sachin for Upper house the choice looks good when you compare it with lower house members.

Few people think that all politicians are thieves in India so when we compare Sachin one thinks that Sachin is good choice

But if Sachin does not attend upper house then what is the use of his nomination?

Do you think Sachin Tendulkar will retire before 2015 world cup?
What Sachin will choose  a cricket match or Upper house sitting?

If Sachin attends cricket match then it will be loss of government of India.

If Sachin attends Upper house it will be loss of BCCI for few people , but cricket crazy Indians will call it a loss of India.

As a  Sachin is a record maker, which type of Record Sachin Tendulkar will make in the Rajya Sabha.

ZERO Percent Attendance or 100% or Highest Attendance.

Here also problem is that there is no compulsion for upper house members to attend the sitting.

Suggested Reform –
75% attendance compulsory for upper house and lower house and nonattendance will result in filing of criminal cases or fine of Rs. 1 Crore for each holiday.
Exception sick leave only for operations.

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Monday, April 30, 2012

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R May 01, 2012  

Interesting news!

BK Chowla, May 02, 2012  

In my personal view,he should have avoided joning RS till he retired