25 April 2012

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Maharashtra Right to Information Act Amended to Weaken the Right to Information Act new rules added

Maharashtra Right to Information Act Amended to Weaken the Right to Information Act new rules added

What is Right to Information Act?

Why politicians fear Right to Information Act.

Indians got the RTI only because of the Anna Hazare.

Right to Information act is a tool or method or law which exposes corruption done by Politicians or government officers.

In India there is no other method using which corruption can be exposed and guilty will go to jail for few days.

As our laws are weak, once you get the bail the final judgment will come after 25 or 30 years.

the amendments were passed in the recent budget session of Maharashtra legislature and the new rules will be announced April 30.

What are the new amendments?

1. any request for information must not exceed 150 words

2. should be related to one subject matter only

3. separate applications must be made if it relates to more than one topic

4. the public information officer (PIO) must allow the person inspecting documents to take a pencil only and all other writing instruments would be barred.

The above amendments will give PIOs discretionary powers to withhold information or harass the RTI users, leading to conflicts and increased number of appeals.

Understand that because of this the 

on time the person will not get information and corrupt will get more time to clean their acts or remove evidences etc.
Government officer will get another reason to not to give information and delay the matter and giving information.

Then applicant will file the appeal and thus the process of delay delay and no information will start.

Government included rules without any public debate, discussions as mandated by Sec. 4 (1) of the act.

If you think government hold the discussions put the link about it in comments.
Why only 150 words limit?
Why not 15 words?

What will happen if there is no word limit?

I think the aim is to reduce the applications and discourage people from filing and demanding information.

Single Subject?
Who will decide the application is demanding and talking about single subject or 2 subjects.

Why to limit subjects, if they are related with each other then they cannot be termed as 2 subjects.

If you are from Maharashtra did you notice that no political party has objected it?

What is in the heart of every politician?
Scrap the RTI law.

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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

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Jim April 25, 2012  

New amendments are always great for the country.

Usha April 25, 2012  

Restricting number of words to 150 is so weird..If any request exceeds 150 words then?

Better they call it now - "Rejection to Information Act".

SM April 25, 2012  


YES Rejection to Information