13 April 2012

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Kolkata professor Ambikesh Mahapatra arrested for anti-Mamata cartoons

Kolkata professor Ambikesh Mahapatra arrested for anti-Mamata cartoons

Professor Ambikesh Mahapatra is a chemistry professor at the prestigious Jadavpur University.

Media has reported that professor Ambikesh Mahapatra posted anti-Mamata Banerjee cartoons on social networking sites.

Last night, when Professor Mahapatra was returning to his residence in Garia, a group of people, allegedly Trinamool activists attacked him and beat him up badly.

Then the police arrived at his door and arrested him.

On following charges Police arrested him

1. eve-teasing (Section 509 of the IPC)

2. defamation (Section 500 of the IPC

3. humiliating a woman (Section 114 of the IPC and Section 66 A (b) of the IT Act (causing offence using a computer)

Deputy Commissioner of Kolkata Police (south suburban division) Sujoy Chanda told to media that "Professor Ambikesh Mohapatra has been arrested for spreading derogatory messages against respectable people,"

Once again freedom of speech and thought got curbed.

This is how the Taliban Government works.

Today if females do not oppose it tomorrow same people will support the view that wearing Jeans should be banned and girls should not work.
Etc etc.

This is the warning bell for females.

Today its cartoon, tomorrow it will be your jeans.

About the Cartoon –

The cartoon drew on dialogues from a Satyajit Ray classic to mock Mamata Banerjee's policies.

The cartoon showed the chief minister and the railway minister exchanging dialogues from a popular Bengali film by Satyajit Ray, which alluded to the replacement of Dinesh Trivedi by Mukul Roy as railway minister.


In Satyajit Ray’s movie “Sonar kella”, Mukul is a kid that seem to have memories of a “golden fort” from his past life.

His doctor (psychiatrist) takes him to a trip to Rajasthan to see if the fort exists.

An evil doctor, wanting to make fortune off the supposed golden fort’s treasures, tries to kill Mukul’s doctor and take his place.

This are excerpts from dialogue between the
Evil doctor (Mamta) and Mukul (Mukul) from the movie.

The original good doctor represents Trivedi.

Evil doctor (after hypnotizing Mukul).

Can you see the golden fort, Mukul?

Mukul (about his original doctor, after the evil doctor portrays the good doctor as the bad one): That’s a bad person!

Evil doctor (after pushing the good doctor off a cliff): Bad person vanish!

OR another version of Cartoon both are same with little difference

It is the story of Mukul, a kid who recalls his past life including a golden fortress (sonar kella). Two goons kidnap Mukul as they hope to unearth the treasure from the house.

In their bid, they attempt to murder a psychiatrist Dr Hajra, who is accompanying Mukul to Rajasthan to find out truths about his past life.

The cartoon is based on a particular scene in the film where one of the goons (played by Kamu Mukherjee) pushes Dr Hajra from a cliff while the other goon starts impersonating Dr Hajra thereafter.

When Mukul asks about the original Dr Hajra, the goons tell him that he was a dushtu lok (a bad person), hence was made to vanish. The cartoon that drew Mamata's ire depicts her pointing at the railways and asking Mukul Roy if he can see the sonar kella?

The next bit of the spoof has Mukul pointing at Dinesh Trivedi and stating, Ota dushtu lok! (That is the bad guy)

The last part has Mamata gleefully saying, dushtu lok? Vanish!

Updated on Saturday, April 14, 2012

Four people have been arrested for allegedly assaulting Jadavpur University Professor Ambikesh Mahapatra

The four arrested are

1. Amrit Sardar

2. Arup Mukherjee

3. Nishikanda Ghorai

4. Sheikh Mustafa

Amrit Sardar and Arup Mukherjee are allegedly Trinamool Congress workers.

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Story is reported by NDTV, TOI ,Indian Express, PTI and many more.

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Friday, April 13, 2012

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R April 13, 2012  

Interesting news!

Rakesh Kumar April 13, 2012  

It is the limit.

lina@happy family April 13, 2012  

I'm still confused about the arresting reason...

Anonymous,  April 13, 2012  

Very good... Kick commie agents out

DWei April 13, 2012  

Disgusting. I hope the proper individuals get what's coming to them.

Jim April 14, 2012  

Bad bad news, wheres the freedom of speech?

Trolske April 14, 2012  

That's just ridiculous. Defamation is one thing, but publishing some web comic is a totally different thing. Horiible how they handle the freedom of speech.

Arti April 14, 2012  

These kind of things happen in India? Where is our freedom of expression and speech?

Renu April 14, 2012  

It is ridiculous and shameful..

SM April 14, 2012  

@lina@happy family

Reason cartoon which makes fun for laugh.

SM April 14, 2012  


thanks.Please use any name.

ra April 14, 2012  

i agree this kind of thing can only happen in india...utter nonsense !

Destination Infinity April 17, 2012  

I don't understand what the joke is about, but I feel that it is wrong to arrest someone for just forwarding a cartoon. Does this mean that in future, all newspapers and magazines that publish cartoons will face punitive action? But then, there might be some other reason for arresting him, as well. We may not know the full facts of this case.

Destination Infinity

virendra sharma April 17, 2012  

Thanks for this update .

Anonymous,  April 18, 2012  

Moral: If I comment I will arrest also some goon beat me.