25 April 2012

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India Italy Chopper Helicopter Scam Commission paid Rs.350 Crore

The 12 helicopters were bought from the Italian firm for the VVIP Communication Squadrons of the Indian Air Force (IAF)

Helicopter Chopper Name - AgustaWestland AW 101 helicopters

The contract was signed on in 2010 for nearly 560 million euros or over 3800 crores.
Finmeccanica subsidiary Augusta Westland signed the deal with the Indian Air Force in 2010.

For whom the helicopters were bought?

For VVIP citizens that is for the Gods of India

1.    President

2.    Prime Minister  

3.    senior officials and VVIP politicians

Last year Italian Agency started to investigate about the corruption. 
Italian Media has reported that Italy is investigating allegations that helicopter manufacturer Augusta Westland paid a commission of over Rs 350 crore to a Switzerland-based consultant for a deal to sell 12 VVIP choppers to India.

The report by the Indian embassy had indicated that Italy was conducting a preliminary investigation into allegations of financial malpractices occurring within Finmeccanica, and its subsidiaries.

Bofors Scam came into public knowledge because of another country.

Helicopter scam also came into public Knowledge because Italy is investigating it

Otherwise in India corruption is a religion and no one bothers.

Just like Bofors Case we Indian citizens will get nothing and no one will go to Jail.

From this deal we should understand that we cannot even manufacture our own helicopters.

But this time difference is that now we Indian citizens got the power of social media which can expose everything.

Ban on social media means your politician and law makers are thieves.

Updated on Tuesday, February 12, 2013

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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

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R April 25, 2012  

Interesting post!

lina@happy family April 25, 2012  

Corruption is here and there :(

Jyoti Mishra April 25, 2012  

its all the game of scamonomics :P

Unknown April 25, 2012  

Scandalous behavior is apparently a given in any country's government :/

Jim April 26, 2012  

Horrible news, I do agree, social media spreads everything.

Arti April 26, 2012  

Very informative. There are scams everywhere.

cookingvarieties April 26, 2012  

hi sm. how are you. funny, when there is a big deal- there is always a scam.. not just in your country, it is very common in this world. have a nice day

Renu April 26, 2012  

If you count then there is more than one scam everyday..

Content Hedgehog April 26, 2012  

That's a lot of helicopters.