27 April 2012

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Full Story Ex BJP President Bangaru Laxman convicted for taking bribe under prevention of corruption act

 Full Story Ex  BJP President Bangaru Laxman convicted for taking bribe under prevention of corruption act

The incident happened 11 years ago.
Age of Former BJP President Bangaru Laxman 72 Years.
The court had on reserved its judgment in the corruption case, involving Bangaru Laxman April 3

Today former president Bangaru Laxman was convicted by Additional Sessions Judge Kanwal Jeet Arora for the offence of accepting Rs one lakh as bribe from a fake arms dealer in a fictitious deal

The court of special Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) judge Kanwaljeet Arora sent Bangaru into judicial custody soon after convicting him.

After the sting operation Laxman resigned from the post of President, but he continues to be a special invitee to BJP National Executive as a former party chief. After taking over as president, Nitin Gadkari had tried to bestow some new responsibilities on Laxman and give him a more prominent role.
Thus whatever may be the crime of party men all parties support them.

Who did the sting operation of Former BJP President Bangaru Laxman?
Year 2001 

Aniruddha Bahal, who was a part of the Tehelka.com team that carried out the sting.

Aniruddha Bahal told to CNN IBN that There was a judicial commission put on us. They investigated the people who brought out this story. We were harassed," for doing this sting operation.

Name of the sting operation - Operation West End —
sting operation conducted by tehelka.com.
The investigative team of Tehelka met Bangaru as representatives of West End International, a fictitious UK-based company, were seeking Laxman’s recommendation to the defense ministry for supply of hand-held thermal imagers for the Indian Army.
They had eight meetings with the then BJP president between 23 December 2000 and 7 January 2001, during which the offer of money was made.
He was caught on camera accepting Rs 1 lakh from the investigative team at his office in 2001.
Rs.1 Lakh was the just initial amount.
The video CDs were released by the portal on March 13, 2001
that time Bangaru was BJP chief but because of CD he was forced to quit.
How much money Tehelka investigative team spent on sting operation - only Rs. 11 Lakh.

Operation West End exposed 34 persons.
Besides Laxman, the sting operation exposed
Jaya Jaitly, the head of the Samata Party
and a close aide of the defense minister George Fernandes, RK Jain,
the Samata Party treasurer, who claimed on secret camera that he collected Rs 50 Crore for the party from such deals, and several senior defense officials.

Judge said that accused Bangaru Laxman stands convicted for the offence under Section 9 (taking gratification for exercise of personal influence with public servant) of the Prevention of Corruption Act.

Bangaru's former personal secretary T Satyamurthy, who was a co-accused, had been granted pardon by a trial court after he turned an approver in the case.

 Laxman was taken to Tihar Jail after completion of all the formalities and will be produced in the court on Saturday at 10.30 am when the court will hear arguments on the quantum of sentence.

But tomorrow he will get the punishment and he will get the bail also to file appeal against punishment and like this case will continue for next 11 years,
From High Court Case will go to Supreme Court of India for next 11 Years.

Like this India will get the final judgment after 25 years and today age of the Laxman is 72.

72 + 25 = 97 year old.

As he is old man now he will spend all the time in 5 star Hospital as old age brings everyday new disease.

What is the use of punishing such old man?

Currently  what happens in such criminal trials.

Criminal appears first time in court in January,  

after that judge gives him next date for hearing now come again in March, 
in March one lawyer is sick, next date,
May, other lawyer is sick next date June,  
now judge is sick next date December
This cycle of next date continues

We need speedy trials in such type of crimes.

Now media needs to find out about the dates in this case and reasons why the matter got so much delayed?

Here Indian media fails completely.

Today one criminal will laugh at other criminal and this continues both thieves keep shouting I am clean; I am clean when everyone is involved in a dirty picture.

Suggested Reform –

Special court should be established for the political criminals.
Trial Court, Sessions Court, High Court and Supreme Court.
And all the above court should work day to day and give the judgment in case in 1 month or 2 month with a rule that no next date, next date is always tomorrow.

Watch the video of the sting operation sting of Bangaru 

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