21 April 2012

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Eat Gutka and Win 8 Prizes Win the Award Price No one ever has won Know Details How to enter in the contest and win

Eat Gutka and Win 8 Prizes Winthe Award Price No one ever has won KnowDetails How to enter in the contest and win

How to enter the Eat Gutka andwin Award Contest?

It’s very easy everyday visit thenearby Pan House and start to eat Gutka.
Make a habit to eat Gutkawhenever you see the Pan Masala selling shops.

Your family will be very happy asyou will win the following awards.

If you eat the Gutka and you will get following awards.

Award No. 1 –

Decrease in sexual powers cannot satisfy your beloved. Anytobacco-containing product is likely to affect your sex life. Tobacco containsnicotine, which is a potent vasoconstrictor. A vasoconstrictor is a chemicalthat causes narrowing of the arteries and blood vessels and reduces blood flowto the body parts, including the penis.

Award No. 2 –
One of the main causes of mouth cancer is Gutka. So if youeat Gutka you will be awarded with Cancer.

Award No.3 –
You will save the visit to dentist as you will lose yourteeth.

Award No. 4 –
You will be blessed with Cough so you will be able to spitmore on Indian roads and outside home making them dirtier.

Award No. 5 –
Lose the beauty of Cheeks, you will become and look older atyoung age.

Award No.6 –
You will lose your youth faster and your wife will start tolook like your daughter.

Award No.7 –
Kidney Problems –
Your kidneys will get damaged and you won’t be able todonate your kidney when your loved one will require it Possibility willincrease and you will require the kidney from your family members.

Award No.8-
Death –
God of death loves the males and females who eat Gutka so hewill visit your home as early as possible and will reward you first with cancer or kidney problem both will make you beggar and then God of deathwill give you death.

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Saturday, April 21, 2012

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