13 March 2012

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India Names of 12 Countries who are enemies of internet India joins under surveillance list Prepared by Global media watchdog organization

India Names of 12 Countries who are enemies of internet India joins under surveillance list Prepared by Global media watchdog organization Reporters without Borders

March 12 is the World Day against Cyber Censorship.

As soon as the uprisings in Tunisia and Egypt got under way, most regimes that censor the Internet quickly reinforced online content filtering in a bid to head off any possibility of similar unrest spreading to their own countries.

Today it’s established fact that social media internet are new methods which we humans got to protest against government or against injustice.

Social networks have been conclusively established as tools for protest, campaigning and circulating information, and as vehicles for freedom.

More and more politicians and government of different nations have started to fear the internet and they are trying to curb and ban the internet on the name of religion or any other reason.

No reason is valid to ban the internet.

Global media watchdog group Reporters without Borders on Monday released its “Enemies of the Internet” list for 2012.

The list includes 12 “Internet Enemies” and 14 “countries under surveillance.”

Following are the names of 12 countries which are enemies of the internet.
These countries restrict the freedom of internet most.

1. Bahrain

2. Belarus

3. Burma

4. China

5. Cuba

6. Iran

7. North Korea

8. Saudi Arabia

9. Syria

10. Turkmenistan

11. Uzbekistan

12. Vietnam

Bahrain and Belarus move from “under surveillance” to “Enemies”.
Libya and Venezuela had been dropped from the list of countries “under surveillance” while India and Kazakhstan have been added to it.

Under surveillance” list covers countries that may soon be added to the enemies list.

Following are the names of 14 countries which are under surveillance.

1. Australia

2. Egypt

3. Eritrea

4. France

5. India

6. Kazakhstan

7. Malaysia

8. Russia

9. South Korea

10. Sri Lanka

11. Thailand

12. Tunisia

13. Turkey

14. United Arab Emirates

Internet content filtering is growing but Internet surveillance is growing even more.

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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

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Tenment Funster March 13, 2012  

Interesting. Apart from the rest, which is not such a big surprise for me, how is Australia an enemy to Internet?

SM March 13, 2012  

@Tenment Funster

Australia -
Reason -
government clings to a dangerous content filtering system;

Elle Sees March 14, 2012  

Thanks for finding my blog and commenting!

Kirtivasan Ganesan March 14, 2012  

In India, it is lack of policy and unclear action plan which is predominant.
There was a ministry for IT but most of the time they did work on languages and infrastructure.

Saru Singhal March 14, 2012  

I always thought China would top the list in first category. Thanks for this information.

Jeevan March 14, 2012  

Its a kind of controlling the freedom. I think its not internet but the matter against them. Thanks for the fact sm.

sm March 14, 2012  

Kirtivasan, thanks.
Jeevan, thanks.

Unknown August 14, 2016  

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