12 March 2012

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Full Report 2011 India Pakistan Semifinal world cup match was fixed watch full sting video

Full Report 2011 India Pakistan Semifinal world cup match was fixed watch full sting video
Sunday times sting video of match fixer bookies watch video at the end of post.

Cricket is a game which gives unlimited options to fix the match.

The undercover reporter who carried out the sting operation is the one who also exposed three Pakistani cricketers, who were later convicted of “spot-fixing” in a Test match in England in 2010.

Last year, three Pakistan players ~ Salman Butt, Mohammad Asif and Mohammad Amir were also jailed in Britain for 'spot-fixing' in a 2010 Test match against England.

The recent case of the Essex cricketer Mervyn Westfield shows that men such as Seth can recruit players to cheat.
Once tipped as a future England bowler, Westfield was given a four-month prison term last month after admitting he had received £6,000 (Rs 4.8 lakh) to concede at least 12 runs in his first over in the Natwest Pro40 game against Durham in 2009.

The International Cricket Council (ICC) is all set to launch an inquiry into a report in the 'Sunday Times', which claimed that the Indian bookmakers are fixing the results of England county games and international fixtures.

Now Media has alleged that the 2011 world cup semi final between India and Pakistan in March was fixed.
Pakistan lost the match with 29 Runs.
India won toss and decided to bat first.
Sachin scored highest runs and Pakistani players droped 3 catches of Sachin.
Pakistan batting slow and got out early.
Misba played 134 balls scored only 56 runs.

Media also reported that a Bollywood actress has been used to lure players on the English County matches.

UK –

After our meeting with Seth at the bar in Gurgaon, the smartly dressed bookie agreed to meet our undercover reporters at the nearby Country Inn hotel.

Sunday Times news paper reported that
Through a sting operation that a web of match fixers are turning their attention on the English county games and players as no body monitors them as well as Indian and Bangladesh T20 leagues and international matches.

It also reported that an Indian Bollywood actress is being used as a honey trap by bookies to make players under perform and that illegal betting rings are prepared to offer like this
1. typically £44,000 ($70,000) to batsmen for slow scoring
2. £50,000 ($80,000) for bowlers who concede runs
3. £750,000 ($1.2m) to players or officials who can guarantee the outcome of a match

The news papers reporters got the video about this sting operation video.
Vicky Seth one of the Indian bookmakers revealed or told to Sunday time’s reporter that English country cricket is good new market.
He also said a Bollywood actress is used as a honey trap.

It also revealed that corruption tainted last year's World Cup semi-final between India and Pakistan. The fixers claimed to have recruited players from countries, including England using a Bollywood actress as a honey trap.

The name of the Bollywood actress who worked as a honey trap is still not revealed to media.

The another bookie said that Attractive girls are the ideal choice to cosy up to players and to persuade them to work for bookmakers,”
When they walk in and out of players’ hotel bedrooms no body suspects as they are fans.

Posing as bookies reporters spoke to a Vicky Seth, described as “an influential Delhi bookmaker”, and another “bookie”, Monubhai.

Media reported that Monubhai works as bookie for thrill.
Monybhai age 40 years Said to be a wealthy entrepreneur, he owns a string of restaurants in India and China as well as a chemical factory

Monubhai claimed that he had worked with players from almost every main cricketing nation to fix games and that he had recently been offered an opportunity to sign up New Zealanders.

The money is three crores for a result.
If one player will do (fix) a session, if he is a bowler ... it’s 40 lakh to 50 lakh in Indian rupees.
If it’s two batsmen, 70 lakh (or) 35 each.
No need for them to give (away) their wicket,
we’re not telling them to throw their wicket.
We’re only saying to them, stop the score.

“It’s approximately £400,000 (around Rs 3.2 crore) for a result.
That’s an international match, not for any domestic.
For a single bowler make it around about £50,000-60,000 (per session).
It depends on the bowler. If we are happy we give a £5,000 or £10,000 gift.
For two batsmen, it’s £100,000. This is for ODIs.”

“As soon as the job is done, you take your bag. We can pay in London or anywhere in the world that you want. My cousin is in London so it’s no problem.

Shortly after the meeting, Monubhai called our reporters and raised his offer for us fixing an international match to £750,000 on the proviso that any deal would be exclusively with him.

In the light of the sting operation, questions and doubts are bound to be raised about certain suspicious happenings, including the reprieving of Sachin Tendulkar four times in that semi-final.
In few countries betting is legal and its illegal in India thus India loses billions of Rupees in taxes.

I do not know bookies pay to top people or not.

Former Black Caps cricketer Chris Cairns is involved in a court battle over allegations of match-fixing made against him by ex-Indian Premier League commissioner Lalit Modi.

Cairns, 41, is claiming damages over Modi's 2010 Twitter posting that claimed Cairns was axed from the Indian Cricket League for match-fixing in 2008.

Government of India should legalize the betting which will increase the taxes for the government.

Do you think bookies pay money to top people so the bookies can work freely in India.

Watch the video of the sting India Pakistan Semi Final 2011 Match Fix
Source India TV Sunday Times

Watch the video

Updated – Monday, March 12, 2012 - 4.50 PM

The Sunday Times has used the photo of Bollywood actress Nuper Mehta.
Nuper Mehta told to media that she is cricket fan and she is not involved in match fixing.
The photo is take from movie promotion Jo Bole So Nihal.
Jo Bole So Nihaal in this movie Nupur Mehta played the role of Liza.
Bollywood Movie - Jo Bole So Nihal - 2005 Directed by Rahul Rawail, Starring : Sunny Deol, Kamaal Khan, Shilpi Mudgal, Nupur Mehta.

In this video you can see the Nupur Mehta.

Nupur Mehta on the poster of movie Jo Bole so Nihal

Reality views by sm –

Monday, March 12, 2012

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Rahul March 12, 2012  

We would have lost anyways. India has been defeating us always and dont know why we keep on trying to take revenge.We should instead do something about our country and forget India.We just cannot beat them and this is the truth.Wake up

anney March 12, 2012  

Thanks for the visit and comment! have a great week!

sm March 12, 2012  


Destination Infinity March 12, 2012  

I didn't watch the WC. Not even a single match. After the earlier fixing scandals (of the 90's) I stopped watching cricket.

Destination Infinity

debajyoti March 13, 2012  

the way Misbah batted, it looked very suspicious. and i was waiting for a report to come out that the match was fixed.

ra March 15, 2012  

i guess ICC has come out with a clear report recently that the match wasn't fixed !

sm March 15, 2012  

@rahul aggarwal

I think CBI should investigate the matter not the boss of guilty.

Anonymous,  June 19, 2015  

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