05 February 2012

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Yuvraj Singh diagnosed with lung cancer treatment in Boston Cancer Hospital

Yuvraj Singh diagnosed with lung cancer treatment in Boston Cancer Hospital

Yuvraj was declared the man of the tournament after the World Cup win at home in April.
He is 29 Years Old.

Indian cricket batsman Yuvraj Singh has been diagnosed with lung cancer.

His tumor was first detected in October.

Two months back it was confirmed that Yuvraj got cancer.

Currently Yuvraj Singh is in USA, Boston in a cancer hospital where he is getting treatment.
Doctors advised him not to go for Surgery and go for Chemotherapy.
Tumor is located between the lung and the heart.

Yuvraj Singh is not suffering from lung cancer.
Yuvraj is suffering from a rare cancer called extragonadal seminoma, which forms less than 1% of cancers. "This form of cancer is commonly found in testicles where it can be removed through surgery, but in the chest it's treated through chemotherapy.
January 25 doctors in USA started chemotherapy.
He will undergo three chemotherapy cycles in all.
On Wednesday, he will start the third week of his nine-week session.

Where is tumour?
The tumour is located in an area called mediastinal that is between the sternum and spinal column, and between the lungs.
It's at the centre of the chest but has not spread to the lungs.

Cancer has 4 stages, currently Yuvraj Singh has 1st stage treatment.
Majority times if cancer is detected in first stage it can be cured.
But there is always fear of cancer spreading or again coming back.
And side effects of Cancer.

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Sunday, February 05, 2012

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dopdavid February 05, 2012  

oh no thats terrible, best wishes to him and his family

दिगम्बर नासवा February 05, 2012  

ओह ... ये तो बुरी खबर है ... पर इस केंसर का इलाज है .... आशा है वो जल्दी ही ठीक हो जायेंगे ...

CHIRAG,  February 05, 2012  


Renu February 05, 2012  

My heart goes out to him, may god bless him and he is cured completely..he is so young.

PhilO♥ February 05, 2012  

Hope he gets fine soon..

lina@women's perspectives February 05, 2012  

He's still young. Hope he can recover.

sm,  February 05, 2012  

दिगम्बर नासवा,thanks.
CHIRAG, thanks.
Renu, thanks.
♫♪♥PhilO♥♪♫, thanks.
lina@women's perspectives, thanks.

Anonymous,  February 05, 2012  

God pl cure him . Our dua , Himani tapasvi

Betty Manousos February 06, 2012  

aw, so terrible, sending prayers his way.

PRATAP SINGH SHRIWAL February 06, 2012  

Dear Yuvi,
We , several of your fans & well wishers (from all over India & Pakistan) at Abu Dhabi are of the strong opinion that you would defeat this small damn thing sans dificulities. You would be stronger as ever.
Be brave,as you have ever been, just this more time.
We pray to almighty with your pa n ma.
Pratap Singh Shriwal

SM February 06, 2012  

Anonymous, thanks.
Betty Manousos@ Cut and Dry, thanks.

Sam D. February 06, 2012  

I hope he will feel better soon with God's grace.

Anonymous,  February 07, 2012  

Our Prayers are with you and get well soon, i know you can beat this thing easily

ra February 07, 2012  

may god give him enough strength to fight and cope with the pain.

god bless you Yuvi and hope to see you back in team soon !

Lung Cancer Treatment June 19, 2012  

Really very sad!!! May god give him strength to fight with lung pain.. I wish yuvi may get well soon...