05 February 2012

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Pakistan ISI blackmailing Indian Politicians Ministers – Dr Subramanian Swamy 2G Hero

Pakistan ISI blackmailing Indian Politicians Ministers – Dr Subramanian Swamy 2G Hero

Now everyone knows who is Dr Subramanian Swamy, from year 2007 he is shouting and telling everyone about 2G scam, majority ignored him, PM also did not respond him ,
But finally he got licenses cancelled.
Only Because of 2G hero that is Dr Subramanian Swamy rich politicians are went behind the bars.

Media reported that in Mumbai that is in Bombay while speaking Dr Subramanian Swamy
Said following, He said that Pakistan’s intelligence agency, the Inter-Services Intelligence has dossiers on black money stashed abroad by Indian ministers.
The ISI knows which (Indian cabinet) minister has how much money in which account in a foreign bank in Europe,"

When media people ask him does he got the proof?
He said that when time comes he will produce the proof.
Dr Swamy doesn't speak without evidence. I have all the evidence and I will produce it in a court of law when the time comes. Why should I tell you about it?"

Dr Swamy while answering media he made following statements.

1. PM Singh - the prime minister he is honest and weak he is like Bhishma Pitamah who watched helplessly even as the kauravas ravaged Draupadi's modesty.

2. Sonia Gandhi is ringmaster with a whiplash and Dr Singh to a lion. "In Hindi Singh is a lion

3. Kapil Sibal cannot count beyond zeroes

4. Sibal and Chidambaram -- both lawyers -- Swamy said "Crooked lawyers are the most dangerous people in the world".

5. French and German authorities who have the list which contains the names of Indians who got black Money.

6. Indian government's is trying to buy French government's silence over the names of these influential people by buying Rafale fighter jets from French compant Dassault worth $ 10 billion.

7. whose name are in the black list that is making the Indian government take refuge under laws and treaties that prohibit them from going public with these names. "God knows who all are on that list,"

8. He said that Team Anna should join hands with him. His doors are always open. Everyone should come together and fight against corruption.

I do not know he was speaking truth or what.

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Sunday, February 05, 2012

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♥●• İzdihër •●♥ February 05, 2012  

Cool .. :) I am so proud of ISI.

Love this blog.Following it .
Care to follow back?

Kirtivasan Ganesan February 06, 2012  

Dr.Subramanian Swamy is a politician. Therefore he is making statements like that about MMS and SG.
We all know what is wrong with India. Brushing things under the carpet. We had been brushing economy, science, education and all good things under the carpet. Now under the carpet man and woman are having sex. It is very obvious what is happening. But ISI says it is helping India and advises India it is night time. No one can see what is happening under carpet.
Want progress for India? Simple. Remove carpet. Let the culprits be caught red handed.
My vision of India is that of an African nation. Many south Indians working in UN, Delhi think that way.

Bikram February 06, 2012  

politicians in jail which one is that ...

maybe we shud ask the ISI to make those dosseirs public ...


SM February 06, 2012  

♥●• İzdihër •●♥,thanks.
Bikramjit, thanks.
A Raja.

Destination Infinity February 06, 2012  

What does Subramaniyam Swami gain by exposing these things?

Destination Infinity

SM February 06, 2012  

@Destination Infinity

I do not know but he is enjoying his full freedom of speech and thought.