16 February 2012

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Reasons to Vote Elections 2012 Why to Vote Kings and slaves get up and vote

Reasons to Vote Elections 2012 Why to Vote Kings and slaves get up and vote

What is Election?

Election is a process to choose the servants of the every city.
But in reality in democracy because of useless and wrong laws, the servants become the masters of every city and ultimately the kings of state and country.
After this automatically you and me and every citizen becomes the slave of that master.

Every state needs the lions and dogs to maintain peace in society thus all citizens pay taxes and big and strong lions and dogs are created to protect the citizens.
But in reality as Kings are the law makers they make such laws that these dogs and lions do not serve the citizens but they serve someone else. That is the king of the city , king of the state and king of the nation.
Every king needs the dogs and lions for his safety.
Thus in a democracy also kings got their own dogs and lions and painful thing is that dogs and lions serve the kings and not the citizens and citizens pay their salary and these dogs and lions bark on the citizens.

Did you understand the importance of king, our master?

Citizens got the voting right to choose a master for him.
This is reason we should vote and choose a less bad master for us as we have to serve him for 5 years as we are choosing a master for us who will develop the citizens, he will train us to be a good slave.
To get the training on how to become a slave we need a good king so go and vote educated and less evil king for us.

What is democracy?
Democracy is a process set of laws which protects the rich, which makes the rich. In simple terms for the rich by the rich for the benefit of rich by the rich.
Common slave citizens have no place in this process.

So go and vote and choose a good master who will give us good training so we will become a good slaves for next 5 years.

Once election is over.
We become slaves of these people.
They will decide which movies we can see
They will decide which days we can celebrate
They will decide which book we can read
They will decide everything for us as slaves do not have any rights he has to do what his master asks him.

Go and vote and vote please vote.
So collectively we will a good master for our country
We are ready to become the slaves of a country but not the king.

We need election reforms so we can again become kings and not slaves.

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Thursday, February 16, 2012

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Kirtivasan Ganesan February 16, 2012  

What are u talking man? Useless politicians wanting people to vote. Ha !! Ha !! Ha !! Ha !!

Erlon Andrade February 16, 2012  


It's the moment when the people is deceaved!

Thanks for your visit in my blog.