15 February 2012

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Nasa Shutdown last Mainframe End of Mainframe Era at NASA

Nasa Shutdown last Mainframe End of Mainframe Era at NASA

NASA has shut down its last mainframe

Saturday Linda Cureton wrote or posted on her NASA blog that
This month marks the end of an era in NASA computing. Marshall Space Flight Centre powered down NASA's last mainframe, the IBM Z9 Mainframe,"

Nearly all mainframes have the ability to run (or host) multiple operating systems, and thereby operate as a host of a collective of virtual machines.

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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

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dopdavid February 15, 2012  

noo they will be missed

Omnislash February 15, 2012  

Mainframes run the world!

virendra sharma February 15, 2012  


Rahul Bhatia February 15, 2012  

The life cycle of each product :)

SM February 15, 2012  

veerubhai, thanks.
Rahul Bhatia, thanks.
Currently many other big companies are usign Mainframes.

Destination Infinity February 15, 2012  

Guess what, many major IT services companies employ 'software professionals' to work on this outdated technology. And our people are proud to call themselves as 'mainframe maintenance experts!'

Destination Infinity

ra February 20, 2012  

i have been hearing a lot among IT professionals that the end of mainframes is near .. i guess they were right in some sense .. i could now see the beginning of the end!!!

sm,  February 20, 2012  

@rahul aggarwal

thanks.Yes its the beginning of the end of mainframe era.