17 February 2012

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Know 11 Reasons why Congress Got less Votes in Corporation Election 2012

Know 11 Reasons why Congress Got less Votes in Corporation Election 2012

Following are the 11 reasons because of which Congress got fewer votes in corporation elections 2012

1. Anna Hazare Factor

2. Rs. 1 Crore case

3. Suspension of Ajit Sawant which made Marathi voters upset

4. Inside fight between Gurudas Kamat and Krupashankar Singh

5. Tickets were given to family members

6. Few people said Tickets were sold

7. Chief Minister is honest politicians in India see politics as money making machine such politicians do not like honest chief minister and people do not help honest people.

8. Reservation for women – Still I do not know the names of female leaders of Congress.

9. No use of Television Media

10. No use of internet

11. Lack of total communication with voters

Because of the above reasons I think Congress got fewer votes in Corporation elections of 2012.

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Friday, February 17, 2012

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Anonymous,  February 18, 2012  

One more point is that it is time Congress concentrates on development and not indulge in communal issues and dividing the people according to religion and region.

Miss Iffa February 18, 2012  

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Dhemz February 18, 2012  

great article...thanks for sharing!

Renu February 18, 2012  

Last 5-6 points are worth thinking..but there is no better alternative today in any states..all parties are same.

Kirtivasan Ganesan February 18, 2012  

Congress has lost. And good analysis. Now muncipality jobs will be handled by BJP. Let us wait and watch how good a job they do !!

sm,  February 18, 2012  

Miss Iffa,thanks.
Anonymous, thanks.

Jeevan February 18, 2012  

The 'Lack of communication with voters' has been increasing these days and many a time voters don't know who is standing in their constitution and vote by seeing the symbol blindly.